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Foot Switches

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  • Waterproof Foot Switch

    Waterproof Foot Switch


    Waterproof foot switch designed for monitoring environmental resistance.

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    7 Days

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  • Industrial Splash-Proof Foot Switch SM2 Series

    Industrial Splash-Proof Foot Switch SM2 Series


    Industrial splash-proof foot switch compliant with EN (unified European) standards. [Features] · Inclusion of a CE mark is required for all manufacturing machinery exported to Europe. · This product is EN standard compliant (TÜV-certified) for reliability and peace of mind. · The SM2 type series (TÜV-certified) can combined with any protective cover easily. · Different features and types are constituted according to the protective cover used.

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    7 Days

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  • Splash Proof SM2 S4 Series for Commercial Use

    Splash Proof SM2 S4 Series for Commercial Use


    A splash-proof foot switch for industrial use, with an S4 pedal safety lock lever mounted to prevent unintentional operation. [Features] - It is extremely dangerous when an object is dropped on a pedal, or when a pedal is pressed by accident. - Ojiden's S4 pedal safety lock lever, designed to prevent accidental operations, is mounted on the SM2 series.

    • Volume Discount
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    Min. Shipping Days
    12 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Industrial Foot Switch with Lock Mechanism - Covered Completely

    Industrial Foot Switch with Lock Mechanism - Covered Completely


    Completely-covered foot switch with locking mechanism for industrial use. [Features] · Completely-covered industrial foot switch with lock mechanism that prevents malfunction of foot switch due to external shock and objects falling from above. · Possible to turn panel ON after pushing foot board that cancels lock mechanism. Foot board surface is wide and smooth, even with safety shoes (note that SFG-15 has no lock mechanism). · Industry-leading lifetime. The electrical lifetime, at 5 million operations, is 10 times the conventional type. · Industry-leading low pedal makes for easy foot operations and reduced fatigue. Pedal height 26 mm. · Industry-leading full cover for extra sturdiness. Cleared 100 J impact testing. · Grip on floor reinforced by slip stopper (rubber foot) when lock mechanism is pressed. · Wide ranges of electrical ratings (AC 250 V 10 A DC 24 V 1 mA) February, 2016 SFG series taper plug discontinued Suitable type: SFG-1SG3/SFG-2SG3/SFG-2DSG3 Change brought in as soon as manufacturer stock dwindles.

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    Min. Shipping Days
    9 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Three-Position, Industrial Foot Switch

    Three-Position, Industrial Foot Switch


    Three-position foot switch that supports rapid stop operations when an emergency situation occurs during work. [Features] · This three-position (OFF-ON-OFF) foot switch is an ergonomically designed pedal that turns output OFF and dependably issues the halt operation even if it is forcefully stomped. · Enable switch: When the pedal is pressed with the foot to the second stage (position 3), the contact is turned OFF. Even after the pedal is released, the OFF state will be retained by the mechanism until it is returned to position 1. · Single fault measure: Since there are two independent circuit contacts (2a), it is possible to implement a redundant safety measures by using a mismatch detection circuit. · Direct open circuit operation mechanism: This mechanism forcefully opens contact even if contact sticking occurs on the built-in switch itself. · Protection structure IP54.

    Starting from
    Min. Shipping Days
    9 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Three-Position Rainproof, 2NY-SM2 Series

    Three-Position Rainproof, 2NY-SM2 Series


    OFL-2NY-SM2 series switches between OFF, ON, and OFF based on ergonomics to avoid hazards. Three-position (three-stage foot switch). [Features] - Excellent reliability and durability. - A drip-proof, oil-resistant structure allows for use in harsh environments. - A selection of protective covers for any model. - Redundant safety measures using two contacts (2a). - Standard specifications include a 2.5 m cord (wire connected).

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    63 Days

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