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Earthquake-resistant Products

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  • Seismic Belt

    Seismic Belt


    [Features] - Earthquake-proof belt prevents devices from falling over, such as televisions, large-screen displays, printers and other objects.

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    Min. Shipping Days
    3 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Magic Guard® TG-MG Series

    Magic Guard® TG-MG Series


    [Features] - Ideal for preventing small home appliances that a lightweight and susceptible to vertical swaying from falling or collapsing because of earthquakes!

    Starting from
    Min. Shipping Days
    27 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Transparent Seismic Rubber G-BLOX Gel

    Transparent Seismic Rubber G-BLOX Gel


    Transparent vibration resistant rubber achieving reduced thinness of unnecessarily thick rubber. Thickness 3 mm with simple packaging. [Features] - Previous 5 mm thickness has been kept down to 3 mm. When installing tall standing equipment the center of gravity is lowered, making it possible to become more stabilized. - Using ethyl type polyurethane which has good heat resistance and durability, deterioration is less likely for equipment positioned for a long period. - Without using a plasticizing agent changes in equipment used over a long period are prevented from deterioration such as by liquid leakage and becoming water soluble.

    • Volume Discount
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    Min. Shipping Days
    6 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Rubber (100 pcs)

    Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Rubber (100 pcs)


    Simple package; includes 100 sheets. Aseismic rubber made from colorless, transparent styrene elastomer material; good, clean aseismic measure. [Features] - Fastens securely without contaminating adhesion unit. Recovers adhesive force by washing with water. - Excellent low-elasticity and adhesiveness. Supports all types of vibrations (left, right, up, down). - Requires no construction. Easy to setup: simply lay it on the floor. - Returns to normal simply by peeling off slowly. If dirty, wash with water. Can be used repeatedly. - Colorless, transparent aseismic rubber. Inconspicuous even after installation. (QL-51CL-53CL, 74CL-76CL, E74CL-25-E76CL-25). - Uses styrene elastomer material; easy on people and the environment (QL-74CL-76CL, E74CL-25-E76CL-25).

    Starting from
    Min. Shipping Days
    6 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration



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