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  • Workwear Detergent "Jyabupica"

    Workwear Detergent "Jyabupica"


    [Characteristic] Industrial detergent for work clothes that powerfully washes off stubborn dirt. Powerfully decomposes persistent oil stains. Cleanly washes off the dirt without damaging the material of work clothes, working overalls, gloves, towels, etc. Phosphate-free powder.

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    5 Days

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  • Workwear Detergent "Jyabupica" (Liquid Type)

    Workwear Detergent "Jyabupica" (Liquid Type)


    [Features] A synthetic detergent for weak alkaline washing (for raw cotton, linen, synthetic fibers). Quickly removes heavy and stubborn oil stains as well, that a regular detergent is unable to remove. Powerfully and thoroughly washes even dirty towels, dish towels, cooking uniforms, etc., stained with fats and oil, food, blood, etc. Is concentrated type. (Use 20 ml in 30 L of water)

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    Min. Shipping Days
    4 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Jyabupica Compact (Powder Detergent)

    Jyabupica Compact (Powder Detergent)


    [Characteristic] A powerful compact powder detergent that can cleanly wash off stubborn stains on work clothes, etc. A re-adhesion inhibitor is blended to prevent the removed dirt from coming in contact with the fiber again. An antimicrobial agent is blended to keep the clothes clean. Powerfully acts on stubborn stains such as oil to achieve the clean wash. Reduces the wasteful bubbles and allows the quick rinsing. [Usage] For work clothes, uniforms, towels, waste clothes and general clothing. (Cotton, linen, rayon, synthetic fibers)

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    Min. Shipping Days
    4 Days

    *Unit price with basic configuration

  • Jyabupica Natural Powder Soap (for Clothing)

    Jyabupica Natural Powder Soap (for Clothing)


    [Features] Produced from natural fats and oils, it is a natural powdered laundry soap that is safe for humans. Since the soap is highly biodegradable, it is safe for the environment, such as, rivers, sea, etc. Owing to the use of 100% natural fats and oils, it keeps the clothes naturally white while giving a luxuriant and gentle wash. Owing to the use of strong detergent in the soap, despite being a soap, it demonstrates potent detergency. Since it does not contain fluorescence brightener, it can be used even for ecru cotton. [Usage] For general clothes, towels, etc. (Raw cotton, linen, synthetic fibers)

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    4 Days

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