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Abrasive / Paste

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  • Valve Compound

    Valve Compound


    [Features] · It is a grinding stone that is not hardened. · The abrasive carborundum GC is kneaded with oil, and is a very versatile product which can be used for grinding, removing rust, and polishing valves and shafts. · Carborundum GC (green carborundum): GC is green silicon carbide abrasive with high purity SiC. It has hardness second only to diamond, and an excellent abrasive native sharp grinding power by crushing. It can be used for wide range of work, from polishing hard metals and cutlery to polishing soft metals, such as brass, copper, alloy, resin, etc. [Applications] • Surface polishing, rubbing polishing.

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  • Blue Bar

    Blue Bar


    Blue bar and white bar solid oil-based abrasive. The white bar (part number; WB) is recommended for stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome plated finishing, and the blue bar (part number; GB) is recommended for brass, cast, forged products, and precious metals finishing.

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  • Diamond Paste (Oil-Soluble)

    Diamond Paste (Oil-Soluble)


    Diamond abrasive grains are dispersed uniformly and give stable polishing power. Workability is high because the paste viscosity is very low. [Applications] • For finishing touches of plastic molds, etc. · It is used for felt buffing.

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  • Diamond Spray

    Diamond Spray


    [Features] • 2 karats of diamond powder is blended in it. · It is a spray type oil‐based diamond paste polishing agent for precision finish. · By pressing the spray button, a small certain amount is sprayed and there is no waste. (1 push is about 0.05 ml) · 600 to 700 quantitative pushes can be made with 1 spray. [Applications] • For finishing, precision mirror finishing and polishing hard metals, such as carbide alloys, coated steel, heat treated steel, stainless steel, and light metals, such as aluminum, duralumin, brass, etc.

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  • Polishing Cloth

    Polishing Cloth [2 Pieces Per Package]


    [Features] · You can remove small scratches and dirt easily and get a glossy finish. · From polishing to super finish is possible with the fine abrasive and polish wax. · Please use depending on the application and the particle size. [Applications] · For dirt removal and glazing of metals and general plastics.

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  • Diamond Paste Diluent

    Diamond Paste Diluent


    The paste is diffused and distributed uniformly with a small amount in a short period of time. · It is used with oil-based type. It is a dilution for diamond paste.

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