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Wedge Bushing Pulleys

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  • Wedge Bushing Pulleys

    Wedge Bushing Pulleys


    It can be mounted to shaft with a single wrench, it is a bushing system that can be removed. The MB bushing required for installation is sold separately. [Features] - It can be mounted easily to the pulley axis with a single spanner attachment. - Removal has been made to be easy in order to reduce man-hours. - It enters smoothly when attaching to the shaft by tightening the clamping bolt and tightened firmly by utilizing the taper, no fine- movement wear at the fitting part in use and the life of the shaft is extended. - We process the shaft hole and key groove commensurate with the standard shaft diameter bushing, so processing at the time of use is not required. - It can reduce the need for the shaft hole processing steps, processing accuracy tests, transportation for processing and such resulting in reduced man-hours and shorter delivery times. - Position change of the shaft in the pulley and the rotating body can be done smoothly, and centering is easy too. - In comparison with the shaft hole, the boss width can be designed as small, so the pulley weight can be reduced. - Uniformity of the material is sought by decreasing the thickness of the boss portion and the casting. - The wedge pulley of Mitsuboshi Belting, which has a pulley that employs a bushing system, has become the standard. - The coupling, gear and sprocket wheel etc.of the bushing system can be developed horizontally.

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  • MB Bushing New JIS Standard Product

    MB Bushing New JIS Standard Product


    Bushing for mounting wedge bushing pulley. [Features] - It can be easily mounted to the pulley shaft using one wrench. - It is also easy to remove, which in turn reduces hours of labor. - When mounting to the shaft, it is firmly tightened using its taper by smoothly inserting it and tightening the tightening bolts. This way, there is minimal abrasion on the nuts and bolts during use, extending the life of the shaft. - The shaft hole and key groove are machined to counterbalance the bushing at standard shaft diameter, so there is no need for machining during use. - Shaft hole machining work hours, machining precision testing and related transportation work are avoided, so it helps in reducing labor hours and shortening delivery turnaround time. - Changing the position of the rotary body, such as the pulley in the shaft, can be done smoothly, while centering becomes simpler. - The boss width can be designed to be smaller than the shaft hole, allowing for the reduction of pulley weight. - When casting, uniformity of material is improved by reducing the thickness of the boss part. - The three-star belt wedge pulley is a standardized pulley that uses the bushing system. - The coupling, gear and sprocket wheel etc.of the bushing system can be developed horizontally.

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