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Magnets - Ball Type

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  • Ball Joint Magnet

    Ball Joint Magnet


    By combining the magnet and yoke in the main body of the joint, the ball is held in place with magnetic force alone. 180° rotation. Used for fixing optical equipment, lighting fixtures, monitoring cameras, retaining medical equipment, and in robotic joints.

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  • Neodymium Magnet  Ball Shape

    Neodymium Magnet Ball Shape


    Ball-shaped magnet with superior mechanical strength. Check the e-catalog for sizes not described in the catalog. [Features] · Rare-earth magnets are sorted into samarium-cobalt magnets and neodymium magnets. · Samarium-cobalt magnets are known to be very powerful magnets. · They are resistant to rust and high temperatures, but mechanical strength is slightly lacking. · Similarly neodymium is popular as a compact and lightweight material. · Neodymium magnets created what is said to be the strongest magnetic field among magnets currently in the market. · Can be machined into a round, square or ring shape according to the application. · Though they have superior mechanical strength, they are prone to rust, so they are coated to prevent rust. Must be used at 80℃ or less.

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