F&S Bondtec optimises their wirebonders with MISUMI, enabling "a good connection"

F&S Bondtec is relying on MISUMI components for creating their new wirebond series


Client profile

Since its foundation as F&K Delvotec in 1994, F&S Bondtec Austria has been known as an expert in the bonding and testing sector. F &S Bondtec Austria is the only supplier on the market that can cover all wire bond processes and all test methods by means of a single desktop ma chine base. A wealth of international comp a nies, large and small, relies on the company’s high - quality wirebonders. Several thousand wirebonders have so far left the Braunau factory to be used in labora tories, developm ent departments , pilot lines and on production floors all over the globe.



FS Bondtech set out to design a prototype for their new automatic wirebonder series 58 which has just been introduced to the market in June 2015 . The appeal of the new series was to be in an even more compact design, high velocity processing and a sophisticated soft ware solution. Single bonds should be made within seconds, making the machine perfect for R&D as well as pilot manufacturing. A fully automatic mode should furthermore make the wirebonder ideally suited for small and medium batch production as well as complex high volume products.

For the construc tion, various co mponents were needed including slide guides, locating bushes, adjustment pads and link balls. I t was particularly important to fi nd small adjustment pads that should be integrated into the base plate. The se parts needed to have a rubberised unde r- side to prevent the vibration of the machine. After having searched for the components in the market without luck , FS Bondtec a p proached MISUMI.

Carrying more than 9 million standard and configurable components, MISUMI offers their customers a broad range of components , including var i ous space - saving components.



Picture: the new F&S Bondtec wirebonder series 58

MISUMI advised F&S Bondtec in detail and pointed them in the direction of the components that could be valuable for the project. F&S Bondtec was d e- lighted that MISUMI components can be configured in up to 0.01 mm incr e ments. The engineers could therefore not onl y find their desired products, but they could also configure the m to the smallest d i- mensions possible. Furthermore, the F&S Bondtec engineers were impressed by MISUMI’s short lead times that enabled them to success fully conclude their project in the specif ied time frame.




The particularly compact sizes of the MISUMI components allowed F& S Bondtec specialists to carry out the project according t o their specifica tions and to construct the wirebonder series as light and compact as possible. “ We are extremely pleased and imp ressed with the broad portfolio and the quality of MISUMI components. Sometimes small and at first sight not very noticeable machine parts such as the adjustment pads have a large impact on the final prod uct. At MISUMI, we could exactly find the prod ucts we needed for our project. This enabled us to red uce the transport weight by 1/3 from originally about 100 kg . ” Jörg Daichendt, Design Engineering Manager

The reduction of the weight also provided F&S Bondtec with logistical advantages for themselves as well as for their clients. Shipping, transport ing and moving the wirebonder series 58 units can now be done easily by only two people, whereas it would have required additional people with the original weight.


      Benefit from MISUMI as well!



Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.