The design house MDB Design Ltd. saves time and money by using MISUMI parts

MDB Design Ltd. has been a customer of MISUMI since 2013 and also thanks to using MISUMI components, the design house has been able to optimize time and costs associated with the design and production of mechanical devices.


Customer’ s P rofile

MDB Design Ltd. is a relatively new player on the Slovak market. Founded in 2013, it has capital ised on previous experience of its owners and employees in the field. MDB Design currently consists of a six - person- team and is based in Kosice.

MDB Design Ltd. specialises in the research and development of technological and technical equipment. The company focuses on the area of precision mechanics and designs for its clients primarily various devices, products, or electric, pneumatic, hydraulic systems. In addition to attending to clients ‘ orders, MDB Design engages in the manufacturing of its own high- tech equipment..


Initial Situation

MDB Design Ltd. worked some time ago for a customer who had previously had a bad experience with the delivery of standard components. In particular the accuracy and quality of the parts which were essential requirements for t he design and construction.. 

It was at that time a sales representative of MISUMI first introduced the concept based on, amongst others, quality of the components and short lead times. MDB Design thus found a perfect solution for its customer and the cooper ation with MISUMI started successfully.



MDB Design GmbH weiß, dass Qualität, stabile Preise sowie eine schnelle Lieferung Bedingungen ihre Kunden sind. Mit MISUMI hat MDB Design einen Partner gefunden, der dieses bietet. Als Vorteil identifiziert das Konstruktionsbüro zudem die Möglichkeit einer schnellen Preiskalkulation und die große Auswahl an Produkten. 2D und 3D CAD Modelle vereinfachen den Konstrukteuren die Arbeit. Sie schätzen darüber hinaus auch die gute Kommunikation mit ihrem MISUMI-Ansprechpartner.

Ein Projekt von MDB Design, in dem MISUMI Komponenten zum Einsatz kamen, ist ein Gerät zum Testen von Elektromotoren. Es wurden schätzungsweise 2 500 Komponenten verwendet, unter anderem verschiedene Stifte, Buchsen oder Linearführungen.

Picture : a MDB Design device



MDB Design Ltd. was able to save approximately 20% of direct costs on components and 40% of time thanks t o the MISUMI “one- stop- shop” concept. MISUMI has become a reliable supplier who is able to ensure the client ’s requirements. 

“It is important to us to quickly consult the supplier in case of any problems. This is also one of the ad- vantages of MISUMI.”
Rom an Jakub, co -owner



Benefit from MISUMI as well and become a customer!

Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.