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Customer ́s profile

TAP Biosystems (part of the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group) based in Hertfordshire UK is a leading global provider of automated cell culture and fermentation systems to the biopharma, regenerative medicine and industrial biotechnology sectors, focusing on:

  • Bioprocess development
  • GMP manufacture of biologics
  • Cell therapy and stem cell research
  • Discovery research

TAP Biosystems advanced automation improves productivity in life science research, development and production. Their product portfolio encompasses innovative products, midsized automated systems and larger scale installations. Therefore, it becomes clear that TAP Biosystems is in need of many different groups of components.


Initial Situation

When designing a new product engineers mostly need custom products. The process of drawing custom components is very time consuming. This was exactly the problem which TAP Biosystems faced. Since the company purchased the components from suppliers who did not offer CAD downloads and a wide product range, it used to lose a lot of time by drawing the components. Therefore, TAP Biosystems started to look for a supplier who could provide support in configuring components without having to spend time on the designing of the parts. At that time TAP Biosystems was constructing the “ ambr15 system ” which is an advanced bioreactor system used by the world leading bioprocessing companies. Thus, MISUMI products like shafts, spacers, bearings and linear guides became key components of the successful “ambr15 system”.



The customer approached MISUMI since MISUMI is a global manufacturer of more than 9 million high quality configurable and fixed mechanical components. MISUMI helped TAP Biosystems in reducing the process steps significantly due to its “one stop shop” concept. In addition, MISUMI delivers from one piece within unbeatable and reliable lead times and is 50% faster compared to other manufacturers. Besides TAP Biosystem was convinced by the free download of 3D CAD models which saved the company up to 20 ‐ 30% in design time. With respect to cost effectiveness Tap Biosystem was able to save up to 75%. MISUMI ́s concept made it possible for TAP Biosystems to save time and money and thus enjoy competitive advantages.



TAP Biosystems started to obtain high quality products from MISUMI on a regular basis. Components include washers, locating pins, knobs, fasteners, shafts and holders, oil free bushings, sprockets, sound proofing materials, bearings etc. The customer values the quality as well as the time and cost saving benefits he has gained from MISUMI.

“MISUMI helps us save costs, and prices are really competetive. If we had modelled our own components it would have taken too much time; MISUMI has always the right parts for use”.

Huttelstone Daren, Designer at Tap Biosystems


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Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.