How can I use coupon codes?

In order to request a quote or place an order in our online shop you have to log in to your account. At you can find the login area at the upper right corner. The user ID is your E-Mail address or your name. In case you forgot your password, please click on the link below the login button.

To reach the input box for your code, you can proceed in two ways:

1. Way (the product must still be found and configured)

Search your desired product by using the search bar or the navigation panel on the left. After finding and configuring the part, you can add the product to your cart and “proceed to ordering” / “proceed to quotation” or “Order now”.

2. Way (the productcode is already known)

Go to the customer area and click on “Quote” or “Order” and type in the required part number.

Then click on “Next” and choose your shipping preferences. Click on “Next” again.


Reedem the coupon-code

you will be redirected to the page where you can enter your coupon code.

Copy your code from the E-Mail and paste it into the box “Input coupon”, to confirm, click on “apply”. If the coupon code has been used correctly, you will find the details of the discounts for every unit price as well as the total price.

If you requested a quote, please note that you have to convert it into an order before your coupon code expires.

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Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.