What should be taken into consideration if part numbers are not correctly entered or are not accepted by the system?

A part number consists of several elements. Based on the configuration of a shaft holder, the composition of a part number should first be shown:

You will find the product to be configured here.

To the left you will find the configuration area, which in this case still displays 695 proposed part numbers. To the right of this the part number is shown, which in this case is empty, because configuration had not yet taken place.

First select a parameter for the bore hole:

You see that the number of possible part numbers has already been reduced to 28.

Now add additional parameters. Once the number of possible part numbers has reduced to 1, the system detects the part number, which is then made visible accordingly:


Only now is it shown on the right side that you can order the product:

You have now configured a complete part number and can continue with the order. In this case, the part number is very short and has the following components:

The first letters represent the basic type (STH). Then follows the information for the flange (R = round flanged) as well as the surface finishing (B = burnished). The number stands for the diameter of the bore hole (5). The second part shows additional parameters (e.g. here MB = parameters for the set screw).

The part numbers may also be very long, depending on the configured product. If you use the order function via the shopping cart, you are largely protected from faulty inputs, because the generated part number is used correctly everywhere.

However, if you do not use a shopping cart, but rather use a CSV-file or the "Copy & Paste from Excel" function, or enter the part numbers in the order form manually, there may of course be typing errors or even entirely incorrect part numbers.

In the figure above, for example, an erroneous "Z" has slipped in. You will then receive an error message:

 In this case, please check the part number in our online shop. It is easiest if you enter the part number via the search function:

You You then see the product to be checked from the suggestion list. Select it and check it in the detail view.

If the part number is incorrect, you will not receive any meaningful results:

If you have questions about part numbers, please contact our technical support department at the number or email address specified in the contact area.

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