Which Clearance and Rights Functions are there?

You now have the option to allocate user and administration rights in your company profile.

A distinction will be made between the normal user and the approver. Normal users are able to conclude the order. However, the order will only be placed with MISUMI once the approver has given his approval.   

The last step of the order procedure involves selecting the approver. 




The approver will then receive an e-mail with the details of the order and can either approve, refuse or add a comment to the order. This function is particularly beneficial for larger purchasing organisations, as it simplifies the internal approval processes.

Are you interested in this feature? Just send us an e-mail and we will gladly set up the function for you. (Please fill in the empty fields in the e-mail with your data)

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*If the link does not open, please send an e-mail to mail.wos@misumi-europe.com with the approver's e-mail address, e-mail addresses without an order function and a telephone number for further inquiries. 

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Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.