Linear guides

A linear guide is one of the main elements in linear technology. Due to the numerous applications of linear technology, MISUMI offers various types of linear guides to optimally meet the different requirements of engineering.

Miniature linear guide

The smallest model is the miniature linear guide. Various lengths: short, standard, long and extra-long blocks in freely configurable materials, lengths and widths to optimally suit miniature requirements. The number of blocks (one or two) can be defined. Dowel holes are optional. In addition, the degree of precision can be chosen. Depending on the area of application, a variety of materials are offered, such as carbon steel for standard applications and stainless steel for optimal hygiene applications. Blocks are equipped with wire retainers that allow disassembly without the balls falling out.

Heat-resistant linear guides

In systems with heat generation, a heat-resistant linear guide is required for smooth operation. MISUMI offers the optimal solution for this special requirement: The heat-resistant linear guide, like all the other guides, is available in numerous specifications, providing the full benefit for this particular field of activity.

Temperature-resistant version

  • Standard versions can be used for -20 ° C to + 80 ° C.
  • Heat-resistant versions can also be used in extremely hot environments up to 150 ° C.

Dust-proof dual-sealed

In case of a system operation under dusty conditions, the use of a dust-protected linear guide is useful to ensure long operation. Dual-sealed blocks provide better protection against dust. Thus, foreign bodies cannot penetrate and restrict the functions or wear out the components of the linear guide. Warning: The dust-proof linear guide cannot be used in areas with hot dust.

Cross Roller Table and Cross Roller Guides

The range of cross roller tables and cross roller guides from MISUMI includes different types of holes:

  • Threaded holes
  • Counterbored holes
  • Conventional table mounting holes

Special lubricants

The Lubrication Unit MX allows long-term, maintenance-free operation of linear guides. The environmentally friendly and clean lubrication system ensures long lasting performance and reduces maintenance costs and damage; the ball parts do not require manual lubrication. As a special service, MISUMI offers miniature linear guides with both threaded and counterbored holes, with no significant change in prices or delivery dates.

Corrosion-resistant low temperature black chrome (LTBC) plating available

  • Thickness: 1 μm -2 μm
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • No change to material properties
  • Highly resistant to delamination
  • Minimal light reflection
  • Suitable for applications in which components come into contact with water or detergents

Video - Introduction to Linear guides

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