Linear units

MISUMI offers a diverse range of linear units. MISUMI has caught onto the trend of miniaturisation in automation technology with its size LX 15 linear units.

Configurable linear units from MISUMI

The height of the LX15 linear unit is only 20.2 millimetres, with a max. width of 44 millimetres and lengths of between 75 and 200 millimetres. This makes this linear unit smaller than the LX20 with its height of 27 millimetres, width of 52 millimetres and lengths of between 80 and 300 millimetres.

MISUMI offers the LX15 linear unit in either open or closed versions and in two precision classes. The positioning accuracy of the high quality version is ± 60 µm with a repeat accuracy of ± 5 µm, and the ‘precision quality’ version has a positioning accuracy of ± 20 µm and repeat accuracy of ± 3 µm. Linear units are available with a standard lubricant, a low-particle lubricant or the MX lubricant on request. The MX lubricant unit is fitted with a type of lubricant-impregnated fibre. This increases the intervals between maintenance and helps reduce costs.

The simplest linear unit version (LX15) - no cover, standard lubricant, no lubricant unit, high quality - is available from 450 Euros. Typical for MISUMI: In this case, delivery will only take around eight days. Special versions of linear units, such as those with a low-particle lubricant, high precision or lubrication unit, are with customers 13 days after ordering. As with many other MISUMI products, the following also applies to the LX 15: It is configurable and MISUMI does not impose a minimum order quantity or a small order surcharge. On the contrary: Delivery within Germany is free - even if you only order one unit.

Video - Linear unit sizes

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