Shaft collars

You can find a large number of different set and shaft collars at MISUMI. Whether it be slit in two pieces or one-piece with wedge - You can choose from over 40 different designs and adapt the properties to the particular area of application. Steel, stainless steel or an aluminium alloy are available as materials depending on the design. Burnished, chemically nickel plated and anodised are available as surface treatments. Special forms of shaft collars are also available for special work assignments.


  • Materials: 1.1191; 1.4301; EN AW-2017
  • Surface-treatment: burnished; chemically nickel-plated; anodised
  • Diameter: 3mm to 50mm

One-piece with adjusting or clamping screw:

Shaft collars are suitable for use with minimal requirements and axial forces. The screws should be aimed at a surface during assembly and not at the curvature of the shaft, as this may otherwise lead to deformations of the curvature.

One-piece and two-piece slit shaft collars:

Shaft collars are available in a one-piece slit and two-piece slit design.

One-piece slit shaft collars are especially suitable for standard requirements and moderate axial forces. There are no intermittent screw indentations resulting from the excess pressure exerted on the shaft surface. If increased clamping forces are applied, the collar must nestle around the shaft (high static friction).

Two-piece slit configurations can be assembled radially and are therefore ideally suited for the time-optimised assembly of axially fixed shafts.

Two-piece shaft collars with hinge:

If there is limited installation space or if there is a quick change, two-piece shaft collars may be used with a hinge.

One-piece shaft collars with wedge:

One-piece shaft collars with a wedge ensure the careful and quick clamping of shafts with minimal screw force.

Shaft collars with quick fastener:

The quick fastener is easy to adjust using a lever.

Shaft collars with sensor attachment

MISUMI offers special configurations of clamping rings for the attachment of sensors. They offer mounting surfaces with appropriate holes for attaching sensors. Different configurations offer mounting holes on cut surfaces, key surfaces and lateral surfaces.

Shaft collars with special shapes

With parallel key groove (1): This type of clamp collar secures discs and wheels with a continuous groove.

Bearing support collars (2) axially fix the inner bearing collar, securely and accurately. The bearings are fixed using the small pad collar and the conical or stepped side.

Clamp collars with clamp lever (3) enable you to quickly change the collar position using the lever.

Clamp collars with hinge (4) with diameters of 10 to 30mm can be folded around the shaft.

A PU dampener disc (5) acts as a stopper for impact protection on a linear shaft.

Clamping sets:

Clamping sets with conical hub clamping are preferred for special requirements for an even clamping force across the entire shaft circumference.

Ring nuts, shaft nuts:

Ring nuts and shaft nuts are used for bearing fixing to axially fix or adjust the clearance of bearings. They are available as an adjusting ring, clamping ring or real nut with different safety mechanisms.


Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.