DIN products from MISUMI

Optimise your processes by using standardised components according to the DIN standard. DIN standards not only create efficiencies in terms of time and uniformity, but they also help you generate cost savings.

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DIN ISO Form Comment
DIN 103 ISO Trapezoidal Coarse Thread
DIN 319 Form C similar to DIN Ball knobs
DIN 439 DIN EN ISO 4035 similar to DIN Steel Hex Jam Nut
DIN 464 similar to DIN Stainless steel Knurled grip knobs with threaded pin
DIN 466 similar to DIN Stainless steel Knurled grip knobs
DIN 466 similar to DIN Steel Knurled grip knobs
DIN 467 similar to DIN Knurled grip knobs
DIN 913 similar to DIN Hexagon socket set screws with flat point
DIN 914 similar to DIN Socket Set Screw Cone Point
DIN 931 similar to DIN Hexagon Cap Screws Partially Threaded
DIN 934 similar to DIN Hexagon nuts with metric coarse and fine pitch thread
DIN 988 similar to DIN Shim rings and supporting rings
DIN 1587 similar to DIN Hexagon domed cap nuts
DIN 1810 similar to DIN Hook wrenches
DIN 1850 similar to DIN Sintered bronze guide bushing
DIN 6332 similar to DIN Grub screws
DIN 6336 similar to DIN Lobe knobs
DIN 6379 similar to DIN Studs for T-Nuts
DIN 6885 similar to DIN Parallel Key
DIN 69051 Standard Compliant Ball Screws
DIN 172 Form A Drill bushes with collar
DIN 179 Form A Cylindrical drill bushes
DIN 6320 Form A Feet with threaded shank
DIN 6320 Form B Feet with threaded shank
DIN 6321 Form A Locating pins and rest pads
DIN 6321 Form B Locating pins and rest pads
DIN 6321 Form C Locating pins and rest pads

New: locating pins according to DIN standard

You can now find new locating pins in different versions (A, B and C-shape) in the online shop. The locating pins according to DIN 6320 may be used for adjustment or as a support. Locating pins pursuant to DIN 6321 are used for positioning for bore holes. The new DIN components are available from stock and can be delivered within a short time. Even at small quantities, they are a low-cost solution. See for yourself!

Locating pins DIN6320, available in the form of A / B

Feet with threaded pins according to DIN 6320 are used for adjustment and as a support.

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Locating bolts / locating pins according to DIN 6321, available in the shape of A / B / C

Locating bolts according to DIN 6321 for positioning in bore holes, design (shape C), are used to compensate for distance tolerances of two bore holes. Alternatively, the shape A / B can also be used as a support or stop pin.

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DIN Drill Bushes

Drill bushes are appreciated by engineers worldwide and are used in various industry sectors – e.g. in mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry. MISUMI has therefore extended its product portfolio for you: We now offer you drill bushes according to the DIN172 (type A) and DIN179 (type A) standards.


DIN172 (type A) Drill Bushes
Ø2.5mm – Ø35mm

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DIN179 (type A) Cylindrical Drill Bushes
Ø2.5mm – Ø35mm

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DIN Ball Screws

Also in our online shop you can find various ball screws according to the DIN69051 standard. Explore our various DIN solutions and configure your ball screw according to your needs.


Rely on technical standards as well as gaining competitive advantages by using DIN products from MISUMI.

Important information: Products of third-party suppliers (non MISUMI products) with a lead time of 4 days or less can be cancelled within 2 hours after order placement. Please refer to our cancellation policy and T&C for further details.