The winners with the most creative ideas have been chosen

The winners with the most creative ideas have been chosen

Thank you very much for your participation in the MISUMI Easter Egg Design Contest. We are delighted that we received so many designs and positive feedback from all of you. We hope that you also enjoyed designing the CAD Easter eggs. Based on all nice and creative ideas we received we decided that we would also like to reward our winners who ranked 4th to 10th. They will shortly receive a MISUMI surprise package. We hope all of the winners will enjoy their prizes!

The MISUMI Team congratulates the following winners:

1st prize: Lego Creator Volkswagen T1 camper van

Mr. Bouchet, France

1.Platz MISUMI Oster-CAD-Designwettbewerb

2nd prize: Carrera GO!!! Race for Victory Starter Set

Mr. Steudter, Germany

2.Platz MISUMI Oster-CAD-Designwettbewerb

3rd prize: Sony headset with digital noise cancelling

Mr. Schneider, Austria

3. Platz MISUMI Osterei-CAD-Designwettbewerb

The following winners will be awarded with a MISUMI surprise package:

  • Mr. Cruz, Switzerland
  • Mr. Leder, Germany
  • Mr. Skrytutskyi, Germany
  • Mr. Grasset, Switzerland
  • Mrs. Huissoud, France
  • Mr. Bizet, France
  • Mr. Bak, France

You can find a selection of some of the most creative design proposals in our picture gallery:

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