Site Features

The MISUMI online shop includes MISUMI products and the products of 1800 other manufacturers. We provide useful services that support the daily work of designers, such as product searches, free CAD downloads, and creation of parts tables.

1. Product Search
You can use a variety of methods to search for products. Click here for details.
2. Part Number Generation, Price/Delivery Confirmation
Specify dimensions, materials and other details to generate a part number automatically.
You also get information on delivery times and prices.
3. 2D/3D CAD Data Download
You can download the CAD data for part numbers that have been generated. You can make free use of 2D and 3D CAD data in more than 30 formats.
4. Quotes and Orders
For products you have selected from the MISUMI online shop you can request a quote or place an order either directly from your cart or by using the online quote and order system.
5. WOS
The Web Order System (WOS) as a convenient service that allows you to place orders via the Internet for MISUMI products or products from 1800 other manufacturers.