Product of the month: Linear bushings


Linear bushings are used for linear guidance tasks: they can transpose high-precision, low-friction linear movements. MISUMI offers a wide variety of products in application-oriented versions and reliable quality. Find out more about the wide range of linear bushings.


MISUMI linear bushings

MISUMI offers more than 300 types of linear bushings. These include products in short, standard, medium, double and long lengths - depending on the area of application, in cylindrical versions as well as with standard, medium or guide flanges. With regard to the outside diameter, the offering of linear bushings is divided into standard and compact versions. For more delicate applications, miniature linear bushings with flange (one length, standard version) are also available. Housings, ideally aligned to the linear bushings, are available in wide or high versions and shafts with perfect tolerance pairing.

Depending on the operating and environmental conditions, different materials can be chosen. For increased corrosion resistance, the linear bushings are surface-coated as required. In addition to chemical nickel plating, MISUMI offers the LTBC (low temperature black chrome plating) coating technology for many products. The layer thicknesses are in the µm range and do not change the geometry of the structural component. The original properties of the material remain intact. An alloyed black surface is produced by an electrochemical reaction below 0° C, which not only performs well in salt spray tests but also fulfils minimum reflection requirements.

The linear bushings of the MX series are equipped with an integrated lubricant reservoir, which allows for a particularly long service lifetime: In a 24-hour comparison test with a normal linear bushing type LMU-12, a nearly 700 km longer travelling distance could be achieved with the application of the MX version with 1,168 km. Thus, the rated life of the linear bushings with lubricant reservoir could be more than doubled.

All linear bushings are subject to various testing steps within the scope of quality assurance, for example, checking inner and outer diameters and final inspection of operational behaviour. Thereby, MISUMI guarantees the highest quality in practice.

Due to intensified demand, MISUMI increased main European stock levels: More than 70 linear bushings are available within two business days. The remaining 236 types are available ex warehouse in Japan within six working days.


  • Linear bushings with Lubrication Unit MX: The integrated lubricator constantly lubricates as required and thus prolongs the lifetime and long-term maintenance-free operation.
  • Designed as bearing block: linear ball bearings built into an aluminium body - makes it possible to reduce the number of parts and processing steps.
  • Linear bushing with clamping lever: By adjusting by clamping lever in any position, the number of machine parts and the manufacturing costs can be reduced.
  • Ball bearing guide: The ball bearings allow linear and rotary movements.
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