Product of the month: Cantilever shafts


Cantilever shafts have a simple but important task in mechanical engineering. For example, they ca n be used as a pivotal point for rotating parts such as track rollers, cam rollers or support rollers. Therefore, they must satisfy different requirement areas and work situations. During the production of cantilever shafts, attention is paid so that the quality guidelines are strictly complied with in order to maximum the service life and to minimise wear.

MISUMI cantilever shafts

MISUMI cantilever shafts are made of steel or stainless steel. In order to protect the component against corrosions, the surface of the cantilever shaft is either chemically nickel-plated or given a black finish. A chemically nickel-plated surface is characterised by the particularly hard surface, a very good driving stability and excellent corrosion protection. Black finishing on the other hand, creates a black iron oxide layer on the material, which is very thin. This process helps keep the workpiece as dimensionally stable as possible. Furthermore, black finishing as well as nickel plating protect the cantilever shafts against corrosion. If required, surface treatment of the bolt can be avoided.

The MISUMI WEBINDEX contains a very wide range of cantilever shafts in more than 30 different variations. A selection can be made from different types of fasteners for shafts and rotating parts or even the shape of the retaining part.

Fastening of the shaft:

  • Thread (locking nut)
  • Guide, threaded mount
  • With conical thread (screw)
  • With flange

Fastening of rotating parts:

  • With fastening ring grooves
  • Thread (locking nut)
  • With conical thread (screw)

Shape of retaining part

  • Wrench surfaces
  • Stepped, wrench surfaces
  • Hexagonal design
  • For tensile stress

The MISUMI WEBINDEX contains a wide selection of cam rollers with cantilever bolts. These can be configured differently and are available in different basic variations. The material, roll width or the outer circumference of the roll can be selected depending on the requirement area. Furthermore, there is the option of selecting from other configuration possibilities, for example:

  • With/without Allen screw
  • With/without seal
  • With/without press fit

Furthermore, the MISUMI WEBINDEX has a large selection of bracks for cam rollers with cantilever shafts. CAD data of the different products can be accessed in the product view.