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Linear Bushing with Flange, Long LFLB Type, Boss Position, Round Flange, with Lubrication Hole

Linear Bushing with Flange, Long LFLB Type, Boss Position, Round Flange, with Lubrication Hole
  • Volume Discount

· LFLB: Standard type linear bearing
· MLFLB: Rust-proof type, with high-level rust-proofing and reduced cost achieved through use of stainless steel.
· ULFLB: Ultra-long lifetime (U ultra) type with high tolerance of moment loads and ultra-long lifetime that is 18.5 times the lifetime of the standard type.
· UMLFLB: Ultra-long lifetime, (U ultra) rust-proof type.
[Caution] The product shown in the photograph is the 4 mount hole type. The number of mount holes differs depending on the size (2 or 4). For details, click the catalog tab and check the manufacturer's catalog.

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Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceVolume DiscountShipping Days?RoHSDiameter of Inscribed Circle dr
Overall Length L
Outer Cylinder Surface Treatment Outer Diameter D
Basic Load Rating Dynamic Rating (Detail)
Basic Load Rating Static Rating
Tolerance of Inscribed Circle (Minus Side)

48.04 €

Available 9 Days 10651[No Surface Treatment] N/A15354310-0.012Standard

48.19 €

Available 9 Days 10866[No Surface Treatment] N/A19419450-0.012Standard

57.81 €

Available 9 Days 101080[No Surface Treatment] N/A23865850-0.012Standard

61.02 €

Available 9 Days 101284[No Surface Treatment] N/A26892860-0.015Standard

66.62 €

Available 9 Days 101390[No Surface Treatment] N/A28902870-0.015Standard

75.43 €

Available 9 Days 1016103[No Surface Treatment] N/A3212481300-0.015Standard

90.16 €

Available 9 Days 1020118[No Surface Treatment] N/A4020832020-0.018Standard

125.55 €

Available 64 Days 1025165[No Surface Treatment] N/A4535173570-0.018Standard

173.75 €

Available 9 Days 1030182[No Surface Treatment] N/A5252735010-0.018Standard

126.67 €

Available 9 Days 10651[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing15354310-0.012Standard

126.67 €

Available 9 Days 10866[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing19419450-0.012Standard

151.33 €

Available 9 Days 101080[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing23865850-0.012Standard

160.30 €

Available 9 Days 101284[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing26892860-0.015Standard

174.87 €

Available 9 Days 101390[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing28902870-0.015Standard

197.30 €

Available 9 Days 1016103[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing3212481300-0.015Standard

235.41 €

Available 9 Days 1020118[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing4020832020-0.018Standard

328.45 €

64 Days 1025165[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing4535173570-0.018Standard

452.88 €

9 Days 1030182[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing5252735010-0.018Standard

110.34 €

Available 24 Days 101080[No Surface Treatment] N/A23865850-0.012Ultra series (long life)

119.94 €

Available 24 Days 101284[No Surface Treatment] N/A26892860-0.015Ultra series (long life)

122.19 €

Available 24 Days 101390[No Surface Treatment] N/A28902870-0.015Ultra series (long life)

140.13 €

Available 24 Days 1016103[No Surface Treatment] N/A3212481300-0.015Ultra series (long life)

173.75 €

Available 24 Days 1020118[No Surface Treatment] N/A4020832020-0.018Ultra series (long life)

218.58 €

Available 64 Days 1025165[No Surface Treatment] N/A4535173570-0.018Ultra series (long life)

302.66 €

Available 24 Days 1030182[No Surface Treatment] N/A5252735010-0.018Ultra series (long life)

197.30 €

Available 24 Days 101080[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing23865850-0.012Ultra series (long life)

208.50 €

Available 24 Days 101284[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing26892860-0.015Ultra series (long life)

228.69 €

Available 24 Days 101390[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing28902870-0.015Ultra series (long life)

257.82 €

Available 24 Days 1016103[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing3212481300-0.015Ultra series (long life)

307.14 €

Available 24 Days 1020118[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing4020832020-0.018Ultra series (long life)

427.09 €

64 Days 1025165[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing4535173570-0.018Ultra series (long life)

588.52 €

24 Days 1030182[Surface Treatment] Anti-rust Processing5252735010-0.018Ultra series (long life)


  1. 1

Basic information

Type Flange Style Standard Flange Type Pilot Flange
Material of Outer Cylinder Iron Motion Linear Motion Lubrication Type N/A
The circulation type of balls Double Accuracy High Grade Type With Pilot Flange
Length Long Flange Shape Round-shaped flange Dust-proof Seal With double seal

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