Hard Lock Nut【1-200 Pieces Per Package】

Hard Lock Nut
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[Shape] Upper nut (convex type) and lower nut (concave type) are available.
· The top nut is perfectly circular with respect to the bolt, but the bottom nut has been eccentrically machined off-center with respect to the bolt.
[Features] Since the lower nut is eccentric, tightening the upper nut will apply a lateral force due to the wedging action. Friction to this male thread prevents loosening.
· Can be manually tightened to your desired position.
· Can be used repeatedly.

[Material] Steel/S45C/SCM435 (H)
[Surface Processing] Parkerizing (Phosphate Coating) / Trivalent White
[Nominal of Thread (M)] 8/10/12/14/16/18/22/24/30/33/36/39/45/48/52/56/64
[Application/Function] Loosening prevention
[Thread Ridge Type] Metric Coarse
[Loosening Prevention Details] Hard Lock Nut


  • There are some differences in handling compared with what is shown in the standard table. We ask for your understanding in advance.
  • This is a representative image. See the product standards for details.
    * "Other special treatments" under Surface Processing have the following specifications.
    PLB: Parkerizing (Phosphate Coating)

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Part NumberStandard Unit PriceNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountShipping Days?RoHSScrew Nominal (M) Material Surface Treatment Sales Unit Surface Treatment (Details)

7.53 €

Available 6 Days 1018-Trivalent ChromateLow Quantity (can be purchased from one)[Trivalent Chromate] Trivalent White

2.99 €

Available 6 Days 1014-ParkerLow Quantity (can be purchased from one)Other special processings

5.48 €

Available 6 Days 1018-ParkerLow Quantity (can be purchased from one)Other special processings

7.47 €

Available 6 Days 1022-ParkerLow Quantity (can be purchased from one)Other special processings


200 Pieces Per Package

11 Days 1014-Trivalent ChromateBox/Package[Trivalent Chromate] Trivalent White

632.98 €

100 Pieces Per Package

12 Days 1018-Trivalent ChromateBox/Package[Trivalent Chromate] Trivalent White


200 Pieces Per Package

15 Days 1014-ParkerBox/PackageOther special processings


100 Pieces Per Package

15 Days 1018-ParkerBox/PackageOther special processings

2.11 €

Available 6 Days 1014[Steel] SteelParkerLow Quantity (can be purchased from one)Other special processings

4.18 €

Available 6 Days 1018[Steel] SteelParkerLow Quantity (can be purchased from one)Other special processings


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