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Mobile Work Station

Mobile Work Station
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Simple mobile personal computer rack set model.

· A simple mobile personal computer rack.
· Small arm LA- for support column stand**Install the QA series and keyboard arm KA-01 to create a mobile workstation by setting up a monitor, mouse, key board and the PC unit on it.
· The PC unit is fixed using a pedestal angle and attached belt (PC unit of a size lower than the middle tower can be fixed).
· Equipped with five wheels as well as a locking mechanism. As such, it provides excellent stability both when in operation and during rest.
· The PA-23D has a height of 1,800 mm and is designed for standing work. The PA-24D has a height of 1,350 mm and is designed for sitting work.
· The central stand column has a 4 directional groove where it is possible to add options such as handles, weights, and note stands. (do take care of the withstand load, and also that uneven set up with weight on one side will cause unstable movement).
· Ideal for PC and sub computer setting for mechanical equipment control, inspection and measurement.
· Stand units are also available for purchase. The arm is available as a separately sold option (it is necessary to check the weight balance).
· The stands for both the PA-23D and PA-24D series are split in two, making them convenient for transporting.
· 3 casters have locks

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Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceVolume DiscountShipping Days?Components Features

465.63 €

Available 24 Days PA-23D,LA-17QA,KA-01APC Rack (for Standing Work)

479.82 €

Available 24 Days PA-23D,LA-37QA,KA-01APC Rack (for Standing Work)

458.54 €

Available 24 Days PA-23D,LA-16QA,KA-01APC Rack (for Standing Work)

451.45 €

Available 24 Days PA-23D,LA-19Q ,KA-01APC Rack (for Standing Work)

458.54 €

Available 24 Days PA-24D,LA-17QA,KA-01APC Rack (for sit-down work)

472.73 €

Available 24 Days PA-24D,LA-37QA,KA-01APC Rack (for sit-down work)

451.45 €

Available 24 Days PA-24D,LA-16QA,KA-01APC Rack (for sit-down work)

444.36 €

Available 24 Days PA-24D,LA-19Q ,KA-01APC Rack (for sit-down work)


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Basic information

Mountable arm (unit) Display Stand Mounting method (monitor) Other Load Resistance(Kg) 30
Color Silver Material Aluminum Alloy

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