F3000 Series Porcupine Neo Straight Shank

F3000 Series Porcupine Neo Straight Shank

Roughing end-mill using a tip with a 3D breaker. Blade length is suitable for necessary side cutting.

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Part NumberStandard Unit PriceVolume DiscountShipping Days?External diameter Dc
Overall Length L/Cutter Height
Shank diameter Ds
Number of flutes
Underneck length ℓ2
Tool No. Blade Length Lc
Number of tips for use Applicable Chip

332.42 €

4 Days 2011020140800300224.54APGT0903PPR-D51/APMT0903PPR-D55/APMT0903PPR-D56/APKT0903PPR-F55/APMT0903PPR-F56/APMT0903PPR-G56/APHT0903PPR-K88/APGW090304R-A57

359.17 €

4 Days 2512525250800300432.58APGT0903PPR-D51/APMT0903PPR-D55/APMT0903PPR-D56/APKT0903PPR-F55/APMT0903PPR-F56/APMT0903PPR-G56/APHT0903PPR-K88/APGW090304R-A57

992.83 €

4 Days 3213532360800300640.515APGT0903PPR-D51/APMT0903PPR-D55/APMT0903PPR-D56/APKT0903PPR-F55/APMT0903PPR-F56/APMT0903PPR-G56/APHT0903PPR-K88/APGW090304R-A57


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Basic information

Machining Application Side work material General steel / Quenched and tempered steel / High hardness steel / Stainless Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminum Mounting Method With handle
Compatible Tip Material Carbide Coat / No Carbide Coat

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