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For American Tapered Pipe Thread for Pipes (Long Thread Type) NPT

For American Tapered Pipe Thread for Pipes (Long Thread Type) NPT
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Tap for machining American taper pipe "NPT" female threads.
· The groove is a straight hand tap type. Comes with three biting teeth at the tip.
· General-purpose tap for general steel materials.
· To be used when machining American tapered pipe thread for pipes "NPT" female thread.
* American standard pipe threads, available in many types, can be complicated.
* Check carefully when purchasing taps, as there are various kinds available such as "NPT", "NPTF", "NPS", and "NPSF".


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32.22 €

Available 4 Days 1/16-2754178694i127.770

110.07 €

4 Days 1/2-1480351814174h22.8520.980

183.25 €

Available 6 Days 3/4-1485352317204h22.9526.325

339.42 €

Available 6 Days 1´-11.595452621245h27.4032.934

514.61 €

Available 4 Days 1´1/4-11.5105453226305h28.1041.689

731.86 €

6 Days 1´1/2-11.5110453829326h28.4047.760

1,152.54 €

Available 4 Days 2´-11.5120504635386h2859.797

1,895.93 €

6 Days 2´1/2-8145655541448h40.8072.273

2,944.75 €

Available 6 Days 3´-8155656550528h42.9588.184


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Basic information

Screw Types Taper for Pipe Chamfer threads 3P Tool Material Type High-speed steel
work material Low-Carbon Steel (carbon alloy less than 0.25%) / Medium carbon steel (carbon content 0.25 to 0.45%) / High Carbon Steel (C with a content over 0.45%) / Alloy Steel (SCM) / Tool Steel (Before SKD Hardening) / Steel casting (SC) / Cast Iron (FC) / Ductile Cast Iron (FCD) / Brass (Bs) / Brass cast iron (BsC) / Aluminum Alloy Casting (AC, ADC) / Magnesium Alloy (MC) / Zinc Alloy Casting (ZDC) Tap Type Tap for pipes Hole type For through hole / For blind hole
Coating Y/N N/A Class ANSI G

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