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Strings/Ropes(Page 2)

Strings/ropes are tools used to tie or bind things together. A string is a thin, long strip of cloth, leather and so on, and a rope is a strand of thin fibers or wires twisted together. Strings and ropes vary in strength depending on the material, width, thickness and length. Various types of material are used, including nylon, which provides superior abrasion and impact resistance, cotton, which has a pleasant texture and is easy to handle, and paper, which can be incinerated. Products range from thin types with a width of about 1 mm to flat types about 5 cm wide. Ropes vary in hardness and ease of handling depending on their structure, which is either twisted or woven. When a strong rope is needed for use at construction sites and so on, a product made by weaving strands of twisted fibers is suitable.
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