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Lights/Medium Weight Racks(Page 14)

Equipment in the medium- and lightweight rack category consists of the racks themselves and their associated optional parts. Lightweight racks have a load capacity of up to 200 kg, and medium-weight racks of between 200 and 500 kg. These items are used for product storage in warehouses and plants, and product display in retail outlets. When selecting a rack, choose a model with the right load capacity for the stored products, and check the rack installation space and layout depth and width. Different assembly methods are available. There are bolt-fastened models as well as bolt-free models that don't require bolts. Optional parts are also available to meet the needs of the stored products or installation conditions. The optional parts enable rack customization for various uses. They include shelves and display nets for rack expansion, and sidebars / steel racks to prevent load shedding.
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