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Roll Box Pallets(Main Body Material:Steel)

Wire cage stock carts are tools used to make transport work done manually proceed efficiently. They are cart-shape platform trucks with casters on the bottom plate and they are called by names such as roll box or combitainer depending on the product. They have a shape where one side is open to load cargo, and they include bars and double doors to prevent loads from falling. Many products have a height of around 1,700 mm, are easy to move with cargo stacked high, and the whole platform truck can be loaded into trucks. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are used for the material. Many have load capacity of about 500 kg, and keeping leeway in terms of load weight allows the casters to have a longer lifespan. Foldable types are space-saving and can be stored, and using the middle shelves enables empty space to be used effectively. Placing a cover over the load protects from dust, and products include cold-retention and heat-retention covers with high insulation.
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    HiTainer Lightweight Type (Bottom Plate Steel) Intermediate Shelf Plate



    Product Series

    HiTainer Lightweight Type (Bottom Plate Steel) Intermediate Shelf Plate

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    Product TypeRoll box pallet
    Main Body MaterialSteel
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