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Hole Saws(Page 3)

Hole saws are cutting tools attached to electric drills, drill drivers and the like to drill holes in plate-shaped work material (workpieces). They are used for many applications such as plumbing, electrical, and drilling work. There are products for machining different materials such as metal, resin, and wood, and a compatible product must be used. For metal, there are bimetal hole saws, carbide hole saws, and the like, and carbide or high-speed steel with high durability and high abrasion-resistance are used for blades. Holes can be drilled in wood, siding, PVC, and the like as well. The tool itself has a ring-shaped saw blade of specified size and a drill at the center, and holes can be drilled in plate-shaped work material (workpiece) by ring-shaped saw blades with the center drill as reference.
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