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Wrenches / Offset Wrenches / Ratchet Wrenches(Width across flat dimension:13×14×15×17)

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Product Series
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Min. Shipping Days
Ratchet mechanism
Swivel (flex)
Overall Length(mm)
Offset Angle(°)
Width across flat dimension(mm)
Width across flat dimension(Inch)
Single Product/Set Classification

    Plate Ratchet Wrench

      Universal Panel Ratchet Wrench (4 Sizes)




      Product Series

      Plate Ratchet Wrench

      Universal Panel Ratchet Wrench (4 Sizes)

      Starting from

      45.09 €

      *Unit price with basic configuration

      57.03 €

      *Unit price with basic configuration

      Min. Shipping Days 3 Days 4 Days
      TypePlate Ratchet WrenchPlate Ratchet Wrench
      Ratchet mechanismAvailableAvailable
      Swivel (flex)N/AN/A
      Overall Length(mm)196198
      Offset Angle(°)-15
      Width across flat dimension(mm)13×14×15×1713×14×15×17
      Width across flat dimension(Inch)--
      Single Product/Set ClassificationSingle ItemSingle Item


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