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Wrenches / Offset Wrenches / Ratchet Wrenches(Width across flat dimension:13×14×15×17)

Wrenches / box wrenches / ratchet wrenches are all tools used to tighten and remove nuts and bolts. Wrenches have open ends and are mainly used for tacking. Box wrenches have ring-shaped ends that fit nuts and bolts, and an offset type is commonly used. There is also a short type that can be used when working in tight spaces, as well as a straight type that is easy to work within recessed sections. Ratchet wrenches feature a ratchet mechanism that makes it possible to work efficiently by enabling repeated tightening actions without having to reset the wrench on the bolt. All these wrenches are commonly made of tool steel, but there are also aluminum wrenches that are lightweight and useful for carrying around. Choose a product that matches the bolt size according to the application.
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Product Series
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Ratchet mechanism
Swivel (flex)
Overall Length(mm)
Offset Angle(°)
Width across flat dimension(mm)
Width across flat dimension(Inch)
Single Product/Set Classification

    Universal Panel Ratchet Wrench (4 Sizes)

      Plate Ratchet Wrench




      Product Series

      Universal Panel Ratchet Wrench (4 Sizes)

      Plate Ratchet Wrench

      Starting from

      57.49 €

      *Unit price with basic configuration

      43.56 €

      *Unit price with basic configuration

      Volume Discount

      Min. Shipping Days 5 Days 9 Days
      TypePlate Ratchet WrenchPlate Ratchet Wrench
      Ratchet mechanismAvailableAvailable
      Swivel (flex)N/AN/A
      Overall Length(mm)198196
      Offset Angle(°)15-
      Width across flat dimension(mm)13×14×15×1713×14×15×17
      Width across flat dimension(Inch)--
      Single Product/Set ClassificationSingle ItemSingle Item


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