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Engravers/Punches(Actual Size:30 × 30)

Letter punches / punches are tools to carve letters and numbers in metal, leather, and the like by applying impact to mark clearly. There are 2 types of letter punch: manual and mechanical punches. Their purposes are the same, but manual letter punches are more often used if the volume of punching is small. The tip of the letter punch has and standard or reversed letters, and there are many types of blade-tip, including carving letter punch (standard item), solid letter punch, and low-stress letter punch. For that reason, the appropriate product must be selected according to the material and application. Punches are used to position holes and mark so drill tips do not slip. Depending on the type, some can make holes in leather items and the like. The tool has 1 letter or number at the end of a long metal shaft, and it is used by striking with a hammer or the like.
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    Punch Dies (Angular)



    Product Series

    Punch Dies (Angular)

    Starting from

    408.17 €

    *Unit price with basic configuration

    Min. Shipping Days 8 Days
    Product TypePunch
    Detailed Types of PunchOther
    Outer Diameter(mm)-
    Overall Length(mm)-
    Character size(mm)-
    Hole Diameter(mm)-
    Display size(mm)-
    Actual Size(mm)30 × 30


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