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Bandsaws(Material:Cobalt HSS Bimetal)

Bandsaw blades are narrow and band-shaped saw blades dedicated for bandsaws. Since the blade widths, overall lengths, thicknesses, numbers of teeth, etc. vary depending on manufacturers, it is necessary to purchase a dedicated saw blade for the model you have. Select a saw blade according to the material to be cut, such as iron, aluminum, or resin. For cutting difficult-to-cut materials such as general steel, SUS, and SKD, there is also a bimetal blade with a high-speed steel welded on the blade material. There are multiple types of teeth for saw blades, but you must select a saw blade with the optimal number of teeth according to the thickness. As for how to select the number of teeth, a fine pitch is suitable for thin pipes and hard materials, and a coarse pitch is suitable for soft materials such as cylindrical rods and aluminum materials. A variable pitch (unequal pitch) saw blade can reduce vibration and enables quiet and stable cutting. A replacement saw blade for a bandsaw with an appropriate number of teeth that do not cause clogging has a long lifespan.
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    Portable Band Saw (for Iron and Stainless Steel)



    Product Series

    Portable Band Saw (for Iron and Stainless Steel)

    Starting from

    26.22 €

    *Unit price with basic configuration

    Min. Shipping Days 5 Days
    Overall Length(mm)1260 ~ 1770
    Number of Teeth14
    ApplicationStainless Steel
    MaterialCobalt HSS Bimetal


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