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Barrel Slide Bolt Latches, Slide Bar Latches, Inside Locks(Page 3)

Barrel slide bolt latches, slide bar latches, hasps & latches are hasps and latches used for doors, gates, windows, etc. They are latches to fasten or release the open/close positions of doors or windows, and have different names depending on the shape and purpose. Barrel slide bolt latches are metal fittings to fasten one door of double doors or single doors with sidelites. This type of latches is mounted on the surface of the doors, and the cylindrical bolt slides with up-and-down stroke into the hole of the support fitting mounted on the floor or frame to fasten the door. Slide bar latches are used in the same way as barrel slide bolt latches, and the bolts are rectangular. Hasps are installed with screws on hinged doors or furniture, and fasten doors by dropping the T-shaped strap with rotating joint into the I-shaped support fitting. Latches often refer to the whole door bolts, but in general, indicate fasteners mounted on doors of furniture, doors with lever handle, or other lightweight doors, and the round-bar type, the spring type, etc., are available.
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