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Detachable Hinges(Page 3)

Lift-off/flag hinges are fittings used to open and close doors and lids, and these types of hinges help install doors and lids by pulling out and inserting. They allow doors or lids to be installed/removed easily to/from the door frames without having to remove the hinges. There are 2 types of lift-off/flag hinges, one type has two leafs, a male leaf with an attached pin and a female leaf with a receptacle for the pin, and another type has the upper and lower leafs and an independent pin. Unlike other hinges, these hinges cannot be used in the horizontal direction; they must be used only in the vertical direction. Their materials are stainless steel, steel, resin, aluminum , zinc alloy, etc. Lift-off/flag hinges have right-hand, left-hand and reverse orientations. Make sure to select the correct hinge type. In order to control dispersion of metal powder due to wear, some have a built-in bearing in the sliding part and some have a resin cap.
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