• Important notice: Due to COVID-19 our costs for importing products to Europe have increased tremendously. Therefore, an additional freight cost surcharge of 11.50 Euros per delivery will be invoiced from May 1st, 2020 temporally. Find further information here.

Floor Hardware / Wiremolds

Floor hardware & mouldings are items to protect indoor and outdoor cables and floors. Floor hardware covers, protects and fixes the brims and edges of floor materials or tiles. In addition, it helps finish floors in a neat and beautiful appearance. Straight types as well as corner covers are available. Furthermore, there are various shapes of transition strips suitable to the floor or to the use under the door. Select a shape depending on the place of use. Mouldings protect wiring or cables passed inside of square rods. Their materials are resin with elastic properties and flexible PVC, etc. They have excellent durability but can be easily cut with a cutter or scissors. There are variety of shapes and specifications such as I- and U-shaped as well as self-adhesive mouldings. Select an appropriate material and specifications depending on the place to be used.