Fittings for Stainless Steel Pipes(Connection Type - Thread, Tube Direction:45° Elbow)

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Product Series
Starting from
Min. Shipping Days
Type of Related Component
Applicable Fluid
Connection Type
Connection Type - Equal Diameter Tube
Connection Type - Unequal Diameter Tube
Connection Type - Thread, Tube Direction
Connection Type - Thread, Tube Branch
Material of Applicable Pipe
Applicable Pipe Outer Dia. D (D1)(Ø)
Applicable Pipe Outer Dia. D2(Ø)
Connection Thread Type
Thread Nominal
Max. Operating Pressure(MPa)
Surface Treatment

    Positioner Bull Type Fitting (45° Elbow Half Union)



    Product Series

    Positioner Bull Type Fitting (45° Elbow Half Union)

    Starting from

    24.82 €

    *Unit price with basic configuration

    Min. Shipping Days 38 Days
    Type of Related Component-
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Applicable FluidWater / Air / Steam
    Connection TypeThread <-> Tube, Direction
    Connection Type - Equal Diameter Tube-
    Connection Type - Unequal Diameter Tube-
    Connection Type - Thread, Tube Direction45° Elbow
    Connection Type - Thread, Tube Branch-
    Material of Applicable PipeStainless Steel
    Applicable Pipe Outer Dia. D (D1)(Ø)6.35 ~ 9.52
    Applicable Pipe Outer Dia. D2(Ø)-
    Connection Thread TypeU
    Thread Nominal7/16-20 / 9/16-18
    Max. Operating Pressure(MPa)45.1 ~ 71
    Surface TreatmentNot Provided


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