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Fittings for Steel Pipes and Copper Pipes

A copper pipe / steel pipe fitting is a fitting made of the same material as the pipe used when piping copper pipes or steel pipes. The material of copper pipe fittings used for water supply pipes and general refrigerant pipes is mainly brass, and the steel pipe fitting material suitable for transporting oil, air, gas, etc. is carbon steel. Some products are cadmium-free and lead-free hot-dip galvanized, and others are surface-treated with epoxy resin, which has excellent water and corrosion resistance. In addition to unions, sockets, and reducers that connect straight pipes, elbows that connect pipes by bending them 90 degrees, tees that branch into a T-shape, crosses that branch into four sides, etc. are available. Connections include screw-in connections and welding, as well as ring connections, abacus ball ring connections, etc. that can reduce the piping process. Note that the outer diameter of pipes and fittings is displayed in two types, millimeters and inches, and the outer diameter size may differ between JIS piping and ANSI piping.

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  • Straight Pipe-to-Screw (Union/Socket/Reducer, etc.)
  • Straight Pipe-to-Screw (Union/Socket/Adapter/Connector, etc.)
  • Elbow
  • Tee
  • Cross
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