Valves(Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal:3/8B)

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Product Series
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Main Body Shape
Body Material
Applicable Fluid
Nominal Pressure
Ball Valve Type
Supply Side, Connection Type
Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Supply Side, Plumbing Pipe Dia.(Ø)
Supply Side, Connecting Tube Diameter(Ø)
Control Side, Connection Type
Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal
Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal
Controller Side, Plumbing Pipe Dia.(Ø)
Control Side, Connecting Tube Diameter(Ø)
Handle Shape
Body Lining
Port Shape

    Stainless Steel General-Purpose Type 1000 Ball Valve Socket weld



    Product Series

    Stainless Steel General-Purpose Type 1000 Ball Valve Socket weld

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    Starting from

    128.36 €

    *Unit price with basic configuration

    Min. Shipping Days Quote
    Main Body ShapeStraight
    Body MaterialStainless Steel
    Applicable FluidWater
    Nominal Pressure1000 Type
    Ball Valve TypeFull Bore Type
    Supply Side, Connection TypeTube Flange
    Supply Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal-
    Supply Side, Tube Flange Nominal3/8B
    Supply Side, Plumbing Pipe Dia.(Ø)-
    Supply Side, Connecting Tube Diameter(Ø)-
    Control Side, Connection TypeTube Flange
    Control Side, Plumbing Thread Nominal-
    Control Side, Tube Flange Nominal3/8B
    Controller Side, Plumbing Pipe Dia.(Ø)-
    Control Side, Connecting Tube Diameter(Ø)-
    Handle ShapeLever
    Body LiningNot Provided
    Port Shape-


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