Concentric Retainer for JIS Holes【1-100 Pieces Per Package】

Concentric Retainer for JIS Holes
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[Type] Thrust Direction Mount (for Holes)
[Shape] C concentric retainer rings
[Materials] SWRH57 to 82A or B Equivalent (Retaining Rings)
[Type] Inner Ring Stopper - Mounting Method
[Type]Standard - Products
[Type]Retaining Ring
[Sales Unit] Bulk (Available for Purchase in 1 or more pieces) - Box/Pkg.
[Axis/hole/groove nominal diameter (reference) (mm)]26 37 52 55 56 62 68 72 75 80 90 100
[Groove width]1.35 1.75 2.2 2.7 3.2

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Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.Volume DiscountShipping Days?RoHSNominal Shaft or Hole Used d1 (Reference)
Applicable Shaft or Hole d2 (Ref.)
Sales Unit Shaft / Shaft Bore / Groove Nominal (Reference)
Internal Diameter (d3) Groove Width

1.16 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant525255Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)52Black Oxide Finish2.2

1.20 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant555558Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)55Black Oxide Finish2.2

1.20 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant565659Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)56Black Oxide Finish2.2

1.23 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant626265Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)62Black Oxide Finish2.2

1.63 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant686871Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)68Black Oxide Finish2.7

1.63 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant727275Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)72Black Oxide Finish2.7

1.63 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant757578Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)75Black Oxide Finish2.7

1.70 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant808083.5Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)80Black Oxide Finish2.7

2.04 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant909093.5Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)90Black Oxide Finish3.2

2.27 €

Available 4 Days Fully Compliant100100103.5Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)100Black Oxide Finish3.2

0.21 €

4 Days -262627.2Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)26-1.35

0.27 €

100 Pieces Per Package

4 Days -373739Box/package37-1.75

51.51 €

100 Pieces Per Package

4 Days -525255Box/package52-2.2

0.82 €

Available 4 Days -555558Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)55-2.2

0.55 €

4 Days -565659Low Quantity (can be purchased from one)56-2.2


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Basic information

Type Thrust Direction Mount (for Hole) Shape C concentric retainer rings Retaining Ring Type Inner Wheel Stopper
Mounting Method Type Standard Product Type Retaining Ring Surface Treatment Parker

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