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SW Boring Head (Rough Highly Rigid Type)

Part Number

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Part Number
Part NumberStandard Unit PriceVolume DiscountShipping Days?Minimum Machining Diameter L
Machining Diameter φD
Compatible shank CK NO. Mass
Description Compatible Cartridge Compatible Clamp Bolt Set (for spare) Compatible Washer Set (spare) Machining Diameter for Blind Hole Processing
For blind hole L1
For blind hole L2
Step Amount X

374.00 €

11 Days 2032.520~26CK1100Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW2026A/SW2026E/SW2531ESW20SSSW20BS20~ 26/25~ 3132.532.60.2

401.00 €

4 Days 254725~33CK2200Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW2533A/SW2533E/SW3240ESW25SSSW25BS25~ 33/32~ 404747.20.2

431.00 €

8 Days 325732–42CK3300Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW3242A/SW3242E/SW4151ESW32SSSW32BS32~ 42/41~ 515757.20.2

459.00 €

4 Days 4132.541~54CK4500Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW4154A/SW4154E/SW5366ESW41SSSW41BS41~ 54/53~ 6632.532.60.4

515.00 €

8 Days 5335.553~70CK5800Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW5370A/SW5370E/SW6986ESW53SSSW53BS53~ 70/69~ 8635.532.60.4

579.00 €

8 Days 687168~90/88~110CK61600/1800Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW6890A/SW88110A/SW6890E/SW88110ESW68SSSW53BS68~ 90/88~1107171.20.4

670.00 €

8 Days 987198~126/125~153CK62800/3000Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW98126A/SW125153A/SW98126E/SW125153ESW98SSSW98BS98~126/125~1537171.20.4

400.56 €

8 Days 988798~126/125~153CK73800/4100Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW98126A/SW125153A/SW98126E/SW125153ESW98SSSW98BS98~126/125~1538787.20.4

958.00 €

8 Days 14871148~176/175~203CK63600/3800Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW148176A/SW175203A/SW148176E/SW175203ESW98SSSW98BS148~176/175~2037171.20.4

1,183.00 €

8 Days 148117148~176/175~203CK76400/6600Clamp bolt and washer are included.SW148176A/SW175203A/SW148176E/SW175203ESW98SSSW98BS148~176/175~203117117.20.4


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Application Internal Diameter Lubrication Hole Y/N Available

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