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Eutect GmbH


From the idea to the design

To find diverse machine parts in reasonable time at reasonable cost is a recurring challenge for designers in Mechanical Engineering. Shortlead times and the global availability of spare parts are often equally important. There are diverse suppliers on the market – nonetheless, it is difficult to find a supplier that can meet all demands.While other suppliers can only offer a limited product portfolio, MISUMI provides you with a large product range. 9 million high quality products with short lead times are sold at competitive prices. The MISUMI Online Shop offers customers a quick way to the desired component. Due to these advantages, the company EUTECT has been loyal to MISUMI for years.

EUTECT: The expert for soldering plants

The tradition of an experienced family business and the drive to constantly innovate are both combined in the developmen of EUTECT products. The company was founded in 1996 as the successor of a company for special purpose machines. After having worked in the mechanical industry for 18 years, Manfred Fehrenbach founded the company EUTECT and is still in the company’s top management.

EUTECT is a well-known manufacturer of soldering technology. Thanks to an in-house development department and a modular application system, EUTECT can offer their customers customised solutions. However, EUTECT not only develops soldering systems, but also mounts the machines and organises the initial set-up.Like MISUMI, EUTECT also supplies various industries and is a partner to the automotive industry, medical engineering and renewable energy technology.

Mechanical components in soldering technology

EUTECT first met MISUMI at the German trade show „Motek“ in Stuttgart. The collaboration started shortly afterwards. By now, the company orders smaller mechanical parts such as thrust pieces, latching tabs and linear guides exclusively from MISUMI. EUTECT is convinced by the large portfolio that offers a broad range of possibilities. However, the collaboration is not limited the parts named above.

Thermode soldering module
Thermode soldering module
TL XS800 from EUTECT
TL XS800 from EUTECT

EUTECT produces about 20 applications per year which contain MISUMI components such as standard parts, linear ball bearings, linear units, linear guides, linear shafts, precision tables and bushings. The complete machine TL XS 800 exemplifies the use of MISUMI components. The soldering machine enables a smooth and compact soldering process and can be operated by means of a touch panel.

The soldering cell is composed of about 300 mechanical parts. About 15 per cent of the parts are MISUMI products. Amongst those products, there are several complex components such as the linear unit LX26, which can be recognised as the central element in picture 1.

Why did EUTECT decide to use MISUMI products? Mr. Schmidt from the Technical Planning strikes a balance:

“We are very satisfied with the short delivery times, price-performance ratio, good product overview and the large and versatile portfolio”