Shaft couplings

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  • Clamping with Key Groove
  • Oldham/Set Screw Type
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  • Oldham Clamping Set Screw
  • High Positioning Accuracy Disc/Clamping/Keyway
  • Disc/Clamping
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MISUMI offers a wide range of shaft couplings and universal joints for many applications. The selection ranges from disc to Oldham to jaw type and bellows couplings. The outer diameter of the shaft bore and the shaft couplings can be selected according to your application, for example shaft bores with key groove, slit clamping or integrated clamping are available.


  • Diameter: 6mm to 95mm
  • Hub bore selectable from 3mm to 40mm
  • Allowable torque up to 180Nm
  • Permissible rotational speed up to 78000/min

The three most important types

Shaft Coupling with TM magnetic drive (max. possible transmission power 0.66 kW)

  • Contactlesspower transmissionviamagnetic fieldforsensitiveapplications,such asdustoperation
  • Non-wearing and quiet since elements do not have contact
  • Automatictorquelimit(0.5Nm atD35mmand 0.5mmcouplingdistance)
  • Additional torquecontrol via couplingdistance
  • Parallelor 90° application and slightanglemisalignments, max. 15001 /min
  • Opposing direction of rotation
  • Vacuum operation possible
  • Waterproof couplings
  • Magnetic field not significant in50mmdistance
  • For application from -50°C to+60°C
  • Magnetic strengthstable in 1% range over 100 years
  • Absolutespatial separation between thetwocomponents is possible

Chain coupling (max. possible transmission power 2370 kW)

  • Power transmission without contact via magnetic field
  • No contact between elements, therefore wear-free and quiet operation
  • Automatic torque limit (0.5 Nm at D35 mm and 0.5 mm coupling distance)
  • Additional torque control via coupling distance
  • Parallel or 90° application (even slight angle misalignments), max. 1500 1 / min opposing direction of rotation
  • Vacuum operation possible
  • Completely waterproof
  • Absolute spatial separation between the two components is possible

Disc couplings for servo motors (max. Possible transmission power 180kW)

  • For sophisticatedapplication scenarios,such as power transmission via magnetic field under dust conditions
  • Quieter andwear-free operation due to no contact of elements
  • Automatictorquelimit(0.5Nm atD35mmand 0.5mmcouplingdistance)
  • Additional torquecontrol viacouplingdistance
  • Parallelor 90° application and slightanglemisalignments, max. 1500
  • 1 /minopposing direction of rotation
  • Vacuum operation possible
  • Optimalwater resistance
  • For use underwide temperatureranges -50°C to+60°C
  • Over 100 years ofstablemagnetic strengthin 1% range
  • Two components spatially separated, if desired

Numerous types of torsion-resistant couplings

In addition to vibration absorbing couplings, MISUMI offers a wide selection of torsion-resistant couplings for very low torsion and small angles.

Plastic couplings

In addition to conventional metal designs, MISUMI also offers a plastic version. This coupling is inexpensive and ideal for applications with low torque, for example for gauges and potentiometers. An example of application with this type of coupling with potentiometer can be viewed here:

  1. Please do not treat these couplings like metal parts. The couplings are highly reliable for applications with low loads, suitable for flow meters and other measurement devices.
  2. Avoid excessive bending and strain during installation. Pay attention to the tightening torque limits of the set screws. (The plastic breaks if the permissible tightening torque is exceeded.)
  3. In heating tests, the couplings show an expected lifetime of 10 years and 10^8 revolutions in compliance with the allowable torque and misalignment values.

Chain couplings / standard couplings

Chain couplings are designed for use with double-sided roller chains and sprockets. It ensures high and thus efficient high torque transmission and applications.

With standard couplings, the shaft can be easily attached by tightening the nut. This coupling is ideal for axial load.

Oldham couplings

With Oldham couplings, hub and spacers are easily separable. Therefore, easy assembly is guaranteed.

Video - Introduction to shaft couplings

These videos were kindly provided to us by our USA subsidiary. Therefore, contact the US subsidiary for all related details. All products are also available in Europe.