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"Procuring components from MISUMI means getting highest premium quality just-in-time. And this is why we have been working with MISUMI from the very beginning. Today, all 3ntr 3D printers and dryers contain MISUMI components.”

Davide Ardizzoia, co-owner of 3ntr

3D printers for a wide range of applications

3D printing is one of the major technologies of the future. Leading industrial additive manufacturing companies include 3ntr, Italy's proprietary 3D printing brand Jdeal-Form srl, which has been active in textile and automation since 1955. 3ntr is a certified manufacturer of additive manufacturing systems that has produced exclusively for business customers from the outset and has remained true to its B2B focus to this day. The specific customer spectrum ranges from the aerospace sector to the defence industry, motor racing and industrial automation. Its research and development department works hard to implement the technology and offer superior added value to the medical, dental and jewelry market. 3ntr is active in around 30 countries. To this end, the company operates an extensive distribution network in South America, Russia and Europe and maintains relationships with an ever-growing number of qualified partners.

Tailor-made industrial solutions

One of the great strengths of 3ntr is its experience: While young start-ups are usually represented in the additive manufacturing industry, the Italians are pooling their expertise from a wide range of areas such as automation robotics, metallurgy and polymer industry. Based on this know-how, the company produces high-quality industrial printers B2B companies. 3ntr supplies reliable and durable systems that are tailored to the respective customer requirements and can be further developed during ongoing operation. The in-house software department in particular contributes to this, which tailors the printers to individual and changing requirements using specially developed software, and also enables particularly demanding applications. This makes 3ntr a reliable partner for industry leaders from different industries who enjoy a high level of trust among their customers.


This is what makes 3ntr stand out:

  • Durable and reliable systems
  • B2B focus: Printers for industrial use only
  • 24/7 printing with remote control
  • 15 different polymers available, each for a specific application – unparalleled on the market
  • Customers can also use material from other suppliers
  • Multicolour & multi-material: Very complex pieces are also possible
  • Extruder from in-house production
  • Modular drying system for perfect pressure
  • In-house software department
  • SAFE PRINT: Software that prevents serious rookie mistakes

This is how MISUMI supports 3ntr

MISUMI's one-stop shop concept enables 3ntr to source a large part of the required components from a single supplier. This significantly reduces the time required for procurement and makes it very easy to search for suitable mechanical components. MISUMI also offers 3ntr fast technical support if required. This resulted in a reliable partnership that has been lasting from many years. 3ntr is constantly increasing the number of MISUMI products and is making increased use of MISUMI design tools. 3ntr benefits from MISUMI producing shafts and other components as required based on individual customer requirements, which saves the customer time-consuming work steps. All that's left to do is the intuitive configuration and ordering of the components in the online shop.


"The cooperation with MISUMI is outstanding – so far we have always had experienced experts who were able to answer technical questions quickly. MISUMI also offers short delivery times, which is of great benefit to us.”

Davide Ardizzoia, co-owner of 3ntr

3D printers from 3ntr


3ntr created Spectral30 to meet the most complex markets and biggest challenges in the future.

Equipped with powerful electronics and temperature control systems, Spectral30 delivers outstanding results when printing high performance superpolymers.

A2V4 and A4V4

A4v4 can be found in production as well as polymer research laboratories. If the proposed maintenance plan is observed, it will last forever. If a large number of parts or extra large ones are required, the jumbo version A2V4 in the dimensions 600 x 300 x 500 mm is recommended.

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