Roboze S.P.A.

With a headquarter in Italy and US, the innovative 3D printing company Roboze designs and manufactures state-of-the-art FFF 3D solutions for additive manufacturing applications. The innovative Beltless System – that introduced the mechatronic movement of X and Y axes with a system of hardened steel rack and pinions – allows the company to produce functional prototypes and final applications with a range of high temperature super polymers and composite materials. Aiming at replacing metals, many industry leaders use Roboze 3D printing technology daily, reducing their production time and costs in the most extreme environments.

Their experience with MISUMI

Along their business journey, Roboze were searching for a platform which would help them finding the right components for their 3D printers: “MISUMI gives us the chance to order and receive in short time the best components on the market to be used for the assembly of our 3D printers”. Today, most of the company’s 3D printers are assembled with components purchased at our one stop shop, from the Roboze One to the ARGO 500.

Roboze describe their experience with us as follows: “We appreciate the way we can search on MISUMI website. There is a huge variety of components we can choose from, customizable for our specific production needs. Supply times are also a big win about our cooperation with MISUMI: we often receive what we order in about a week time.

We recommend MISUMI because of the high quality of their products, their lower prices and the great technical support we receive when needed, before and after sale.”

Roboze ARGO Solutions

Roboze Argo 350

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Roboze Argo 500

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Roboze XTREME Solutions

Roboze One Xtreme

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Roboze One+400 Extreme

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How to get in touch?

If you want to find out more about our customer Roboze, you can so do on their website.