• Misumi Part
  • Machined Part (predominantly of MISUMI raw material)
  • Workpiece

This belt module can continuously lengthen and reduce the distance between the heads’ rollers. This feature allows it to make a selection by dropping the transported products and is particularly suitable for systems with multiple selections and continuous product transport, or when high friction mats are used. Drop selection thus avoids the use of external deviators and extends the life of the belts, since it avoids lateral sliding.

Introducting our partner Phizero

Phizero srl is a company that studies, designs and implements solutions for industrial automation in the food, medical and packaging sectors. It periodically studies the problems caused by sophisticated equipment (strain analysis, dynamic analysis, dimensional control, finite element analysis, survey of production characteristics, etc.). It designs possible solutions by choosing the best option through the application of the Morphological Matrix and Evaluation of functions and developing it by using its own Lean Design methods. It implements and gives concrete form to the identified solution to the point of achieving the turnkey installation of tailor-made production systems that are studied and designed to meet specific customer needs.

Our Service

  • Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Analysis
  • Mechanical Design
  • Axes Dimensioning
  • Rendering Video
  • SW Automation Design
  • Analysis FEM
  • Electromagnetic Analysis
  • Retrofitting
  • Experimental Measures
  • Mechanical Cams Design
  • Calculation Routes CAM

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