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What do we do?

MISUMI is a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial supply parts with a worldwide engineering and supply chain service. Products include MISUMI´s own brand as well as more than 900 third-party brands, totaling 20 million components with CAD data offered on a one-stop shop basis. MISUMI offers a service that makes customer´s production material procurement process efficient by harnessing the MISUMI QCT Model, which aims to deliver high quality (Q) at low cost (C) with quick delivery times (T).

A large number of MISUMI products are configured individually. Our “everything from a single source” service concept provides our customers with time and cost benefits that make them competitive. We deliver starting from an order volume of one single piece and the following applies for more than 130,000 stock products: Order date = Date of dispatch.

Overview of our performance characteristics:

  • Broad product range: more than 20 million products
  • Configurable components: in increments of up to 0.01 mm
  • Online shop: offers and orders around the clock
  • Free download of CAD models: 2D and 3D CAD data in various native formats
  • No minimum quantity surcharge: delivery starting from one single piece
  • Short delivery times: more than 100,000 configurable components ready for dispatch within 4 days

We are developing a new logistics centre in several expansion stages with more than 10,000 square metres of storage space from the end of 2017 until the beginning of 2020 as planned. After completing work on the facility in the Frankfurt district of Kalbach, the product range will comprise approximately 450,000 components. The aim is to be able to process the rising number of orders in less time.

We started building a four-storey shelving system in the autumn of 2017 and completed it after almost a one-year construction period. See our project documentation at an accelerated pace.
An automated warehouse and order picking system will also be completed by March 2020.

MISUMI Career - Teamwork

Who are the people behind MISUMI?

MISUMI is growing – and so is the number of employees.

And not only that, our employees come from more than 33 countries. Cultural diversity is of great importance to us.

Where do we come from?

Our roots are in Japan. The Japanese headquarters of MISUMI Europa GmbH were founded in Tokyo in 1963. MISUMI Group has been constantly expanding since then. The Japanese company quickly opened sales offices and production facilities in numerous Asian countries. The catalogue business was characteristic for MISUMI. We released our first catalogue in 1985 and our product portfolio was initially expanded gradually to include components for punching tool construction, then for injection moulding construction and ultimately for automation technology and special machine construction. The global expansion also began in the 1980s with the inauguration of the subsidiary MISUMI USA.


The merger with SURUGA SEIKI CO. LTD in 2001 as an additional production facility also increased the production capacity. Ultimately, the Japanese company also expanded to Europe with the foundation of MISUMI Europa GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. By taking over Dayton Progress Corporation, the product portfolio was also expanded to include components for punching tool construction. We had 12 million components in 2015 and our product range now amounts to more than 20 million products which we sell on our e-commerce platform.


Our constant growth also means that we require more employees to grow with us. We therefore moved to a new modern location in the St. Martin Tower in 2018 and have also increased our storage capacities with a larger logistics centre.

Where do we want to go?

We, MISUMI Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies are constantly continuing to develop the MISUMI business models based on our corporate philosophy. With our strategically aligned management, we encourage the manufacturers worldwide as a behind-the-scenes supporter in order to be able to offer our customers products and services at short notice, at the right time, at a high quality and at low prices.

What are our values?

As an international company, we attach particular importance to respecting and showing tolerance for different cultures. We are a multinational team in Europe with employees from more than 33 different countries. This multinationality is what makes us stand out. We also have a responsibility to our employees and attach great importance to occupational safety, environmentally friendly processes and quality.


Environmental protection is considered to be a central task of company management. Our understanding of environmental protection is expressed through our environmental policy. We would like to help reduce environmental pollution and to conserve resources for future generations in our daily processes and procedures.

Where we get involved?

Fundraising campaigns are regularly held at the end of the year. This allows employees to support a good cause. Here are some past projects:

Well construction project in Buhungiro in Kibaale

All employees took part in a well construction project in Buhungiro in the Kibaale district of Uganda and provided 1400 inhabitants with access to clean drinking water. The fundraising campaign was initiated in conjunction with the aid organisation Find out more here.

Photo by Falco Peters for

Wiesbaden Bärenherz foundation

Wiesbaden Bärenherz foundation The Wiesbaden Bärenherz foundation takes it upon itself to be there for people who have to experience this contentious situation. It uses 60% of the donations it receives to finance two children’s hospices and a long-term care facility for severely handicapped children and young people. More than 330 children and their families have found a place at Bärenherz in Wiesbaden since 2002. The employees have supported the foundation with a fundraising campaign. You can find the details here.

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

The J.P. Morgan run has now been held for over 40 years on 5 continents in 7 countries and 13 cities worldwide. We also take part in the run every year and in doing so strengthen the team spirit, camaraderie and the sense of community of our employees. But not only that, each runner is making a contribution towards supporting social projects by taking part. The money went towards supporting sport projects for young people with disabilities this year (2018). 255,500 euros were raised in this way. Find out more here.

Cemetery children of Cebu

Cebu is a province in the Philippines, where children live in the poorest conditions in a cemetery between graves and rubbish dumps.
A few years ago one of our employees became aware of the adverse living conditions during his vacation, which led him to found the donation organization "If you smile".
Since 2018, MISUMI and its employees have been participating with donations.
More about "if you smile".