MISUMI sees environmental protection as a key management task. Our understanding of environmental protection is expressed through our environmental policy. We would like to help reduce environmental pollution and to conserve resources for future generations in our daily processes and procedures. We are committed to integrating our environmental guidelines in our daily procedures. We have an environmental management system that is certified according to the ISO standard 14.001:2015 and is evaluated annually by independent auditors for implementing the environmental policy and continuously improving.

Waste prevention: Avoiding plastic, reusing packaging

We aim to avoid producing waste, we aim not to waste resources. In order to achieve this objective, we have investigated how we manage packaging and uncovered a lot of potential improvements. It is important for us to convey that avoiding waste has top priority. Where waste is unavoidable, reuse (upcycling) or recycle (recycling) should help to preserve resources as much as possible.

Avoidance of waste with fillers so that waste does not occur in the first place

When shipping our products, besides stable outer packaging, high quality filling material is also necessary to ensure that they are safely dispatched. For shipments of a weight and condition which allow this, special paper has been used as an alternative filling material since 2018. The use of this filler has significantly reduced the number of PET film cushions and polystyrene flakes since 2018. We were buoyed up by the positive experiences we had and by our satisfied customers, and now use two levels of alternative filling material: thinner paper for light- to medium-weight shipments, and thicker paper for heavier shipments. We still need to use PET air pillows for very heavy shipments, but here we always reuse pillows from incoming shipments we have received. We have not needed to buy any new air pillows since 2020. This means that we can completely dispense with plastic and polystyrene fillers by the end of 2021.

Upcycling packaging to preserve resources

A significant proportion of our products are delivered, ready-packed, from east Asia. The products are taken out of their original packaging in the warehouse and repacked for our customers. The original packaging is stored and reused, provided it is in good enough condition. This significantly reduces the amount of new cardboard packaging required.

Separating and recycling waste so that it can be sensibly reused

By changing our waste concept at the logistics site, we want to help avoid excessive waste and motivate our employees to also separate waste generated at the workplace in a neat and orderly manner. For example, new containers for on-site separation were set up at all work areas. Waste balances are evaluated in detail within the framework of environmental management in order to achieve step-by-step improvements together with the disposal company. Employees were trained as part of the new waste concept and should also be sensitized once a year in future through training.

Energy efficiency: Responsible energy use at our locations

We aim to use energy as efficiently and sparingly as possible. We laid the foundations for achieving this by relocating to a modern logistics centre and an energy-efficient office block, in 2017 and 2018 respectively. We have drawn up a program for the two sites to enable us to take the right measures for the responsible use of energy.

Modern heating technology at our logistics centre

Gas radiant tube heaters have an excellent ratio of actual thermal output to flue gas losses. We opted for this energy-efficient heating technology in our warehouse areas. The silent and fanless technology also creates a more pleasant working environment for the staff.

All goods are delivered via roll-up doors. Since delivery vehicles approach them on a regular basis, heat escapes unnecessarily each time the roll-up door opens. In early 2019, some high-speed doors were fitted, which are only open for a short time during loading and unloading. This gives less time for heat to escape.

Exact electricity consumption for each area of the logistics centre

A reactive current compensation system was commissioned in March 2020. The plant helps reduce the amount of reactive current, which has no practical benefit, flowing when alternating current is used. This in turn means significant electricity savings. This can save up to 140 kW per hour, which enables financial savings of up to 25,000 euros per year and thus also significantly reduces CO2 .

Recording exact consumption in each area forms the basis for efficient energy management. Up to now, consumption could only be measured very roughly. Technical measures have enabled us to record consumption in smaller areas (e.g. parts warehouse, shuttle storage system, office areas) since mid-2021 and to derive targeted measures.

All offices at the Logistics site were equipped with motion detectors for automatic light deactivation in 2018/19. The office areas and the work areas in the warehouses were equipped with LED lighting technology until summer 2021. This means that our two locations have now fully converted to LED lighting.

Moving forward with e-mobility and supporting alternative mobility concepts

In 2021, the first company cars were converted to zero-emission battery-powered vehicles. Two high-power charging stations were installed at our logistics site to enable electric cars to be charged on site. This is intended to support employees in making the switch to e-mobility in their personal lives.

Since the beginning of 2021, we have offered all employees the opportunity to purchase a job bike at favourable conditions. This supports all those who like to ride their bike to work or prefer to ride their bike privately, but shy away from the high purchase price of an e-bike.

All employees at the Logistics location will receive a travel allowance if they use public transport. A similar concept is planned for the administrative site from 2022.

Energy-efficient office building

The office building to which we moved in 2018 is already designed to save a lot of energy. All rooms are equipped with LED lighting technology, and motion detectors automatically switch off the lights in all offices. The air conditioning and heating use a passive technology which is very energy efficient and provides a natural indoor climate.

Our IT is becoming more energy-saving every day. We have significantly reduced the energy consumed by our hardware by making the server virtual and employing energy-saving client computers. Almost all servers have been moved to the cloud by mid-2021, saving further energy by providing the necessary systems externally.

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