Our philosophy is your time saving

MISUMI TCS (Total Cost Saving) is our solution which can help you achieve more efficiency throughout your value added process. The potential time savings extend from the design phase and drawing of components across the supply chain and logistics and through to the installation. You can save significant costs with MISUMI throughout the development period.

Our intelligent savings system is based on the MISUMI corporate philosophy. In order to offer our customers the best service, we focus on these four key areas:

  • Quality: Our products meet the highest quality standards. Each production step is checked to ensure 100 percent accuracy. This makes us a reliable supplier that you can completely trust. It saves you having to deal with serious defects and complaints.
  • Costs: We offer our products at a fair market price. Our services that can save you a great deal of indirect costs are included in the price. This means you can order as little as one single unit from MISUMI – there are no minimum order quantities or surcharges. You will not incur any storage costs.
  • Time: We deliver quickly and reliably. More than 99% of products ordered are delivered on the day announced. This means you can plan the machine installation precisely and without delay. Subsequent expenses from delays are avoided. We can often even deliver your products to you quicker thanks to our wide selection of stock items.
  • Variety: You can find a great selection of products for direct and indirect construction requirements in our product range. However, we are not only well represented in the breadth of products, but thanks to the option of being able to configure components to specific requirements in our online shop, we also offer many options in product depth. The fact that you can cover the majority of your BOM (Bill of Material) - parts list with our products makes us a one-stop shop for suppliers.

MISUMI TCS saves you time during the production process from start to finish:

  • Reducing the drawing parts (with a simple web configurator)
  • Shortening the construction period (as a result of free CAD downloads)
  • Immediate quotations (through the web order system)
  • Supplier reduction (a single point of contact)
  • Full connectivity (customer options for connecting via EDI/OCI/WOS)
  • Over 99% on-time deliveries (no changes to your schedule)
  • No quality deficiencies (no quality checks on your part and no complaints)
  • No minimum order (no occupying of storage capacities)
  • Buffer stock service / KIT service (reduction in stocking)
  • Reduction in installation planning period by avoiding time losses resulting from complaints and delivery delays

In summary - TCS is neither a programme, an application nor something that involves having to take action.  TCS is the result of our corporate philosophy. You can already take advantage of the benefits we have to offer by registering as a customer and scale your time saving through the intensity of the commitment.

Simulate your savings potential!

Find out how high your individual savings potential can be with the MISUMI TCS solution. Enter a few key points for a fictional new project in our “TCS calculator” and see how much time we can save in your value added process.