Medical and pharma industry

This is where MISUMI components are used

With our large product range encompassing 20 million items, we are also a manufacturer and supplier of components used in the field of medical care. Our components are used both in automation processes for medicines and in medical equipment for treatment or laboratory testing.

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COVID-19 related applications
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Production machine for pharmaceutical processing
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Medical support equipment
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High-tech standalone devices
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Laboratory devices
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Advanced automation and robotics

Fight against COVID-19: MISUMI is there to help!

We are proud to be able to contribute to medical care in the world, especially in the face of the current situation.

Our production facilities around the world are in continuous operation to prevent any gaps in the production chain of medical supplies. Thanks to our redundant production facilities, we are adequately backed up by other locations even in the most precarious situations.
Numerous manufacturers have already had to close down their plants, which means that many dealers are unable to carry out orders that they have accepted.
MISUMI continues to produce and supply with the usual reliability.

Five application examples

Click on an example to learn more about specific applications and their products.

  • Counter sneeze guard
    Counter sneeze guard
  • Production machines for face masks
    Production machines for face masks
  • Test and analysis equipment
    Test and analysis equipment
  • Hospital bed
    Hospital bed
  • Laboratory supplies
    Laboratory supplies

MISUMI white paper

Procurement of components for the medical and pharma industry


Download MISUMI Whitepaper

Time is more of a decisive factor in the medical and pharma sector than in other industries. Bottlenecks in equipment can be extremely critical as it often concerns the health of patients.


Manufacturers and suppliers of machine parts and other components for the medical and pharma sector must not only deliver quickly, but should also reliably quantify the timeframe in order to offer planning reliability. Great product diversity is also important in order to be able to offer solutions for all different requirements and to respond flexibly to changing situations. These are just two of many services a supplier should provide.


We will show you what you as a customer should expect from a component manufacturer to achieve a satisfactory result in this white paper.


Enjoy reading!

MISUMI stands for reliability

Our company is certified according to ISO standard 9.001:2015. Further information about our quality policy and our certificate can be downloaded here. By the way, our products are REACH and RoHS compliant (RoHs describes the use of chemical substances in electrical and electronic components).

You can also rely on MISUMI for shipping. Well over 99% of all orders are delivered on time and our large selection of stock items allows for quick delivery.


With MISUMI's configurable components, product designers can take into account any size constraints in the medical and laboratory automation industry and are therefore not forced to resort to standard parts. Using our online configurator, customers can select specifications such as material, surface treatment and dimensions without the need for a drawing. Some dimensions can be selected in increments of up to 0.001 mm.

MBL Solutions customer story

How our customer MBL Solutions managed to manufacture a fully automated face mask machine in only 4 months during lockdown in Italy


The coronavirus pandemic hit Italy early and hard: In spring 2020, it was the most affected country in Europe and the shortage of medical equipment quickly became a serious problem. The Italian government and regional authorities responded by promoting self-produced medical products. MBL Solutions seized the opportunity developed a fully automated machine for the production, sterilization and packaging of surgical face masks in only 4 months during the lockdown in Italy: The LMPA-100.


Frequently requested products in the industry

We have a large selection of various

gears, conveyer chains, timing pulleys, timing belts and bearings.

Conveyer chains

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Timing belts

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Timing pulleys

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You will find just as many non-metallic products such as various

plastics, resins, rubbers, ceramics, etc.

Plastic Screws

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Various Plastics

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Discover our accessories – here is a small selection.

Social distancing/protection barriers

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