Sharebot S.r.l.

As a company being devoted to developing high precision, easy to use and reliable 3D printers, Sharebot are constantly reacting to changes in the market dynamically. Their printers are catering to the professional and the desktop market with the aim of providing the perfect tool to optimize the professional workflow and to transform any desk into a personal ‘creation center’. They are offering solutions with most of the well-known technologies: filament deposition, stereolithography, powders sintering and selective laser melting. In addition, Sharebot are not only offering high-quality 3D printers but they also provide classes and workshops about 3D printing, with full technical support and assistance thanks to an increasing network of resellers and distributors spread all around Italy, the rest of Europe, and all over the world.

Their experience with MISUMI

As Sharebot are operating at very high standards, they are constantly challenging the development of new machines and new vertical applications for their customers in additive manufacturing. In order to be able to do so, they need reliable partners which help them to be smart and fast to support research & development of 3D printers and which, in addition to that, is able to react to Sharebot’s needs quickly so they can put their plans into practice. This is exactly where MISUMI can perfectly support Sharebot:

“For our R&D purposes, MISUMI is the perfect partner: all the necessary product information is displayed in their e-catalogue, they offer free download of CAD models, and their fast shipping starting from one piece is perfectly suited for our demands. The real goal with a partner like MISUMI is that they not only provide this kind of service for R&D, but they are structured to support us also when the prototype is turned into a production machine, with competitive price and the same fast service also for bulk quantity orders. In our 3D printers, various components were needed including linear units, linear guides, linear shafts, couplings, clamps, shaft supports and thread screw. Carrying millions of standard and configurable components, MISUMI products are suitable for innumerable applications and can be produced according to customers’ needs.”


Andrea Radaelli, Sharebot president and founder and creator of the first Sharebot 3D printer

Sharebot MetalOne

MetalOne, Sharebot's metal laser melting 3D printer, is used for production of small and medium sized metal parts. The peculiarity is in the so-called “shell printing” (patent pending) which makes the printer easy to use, speedy and provide a better control of the printing chamber. With this 3D printer they were able to move the main printing piston thanks to MISUMI components.

Sharebot MetalOne

MetalOne: z axis position

Sharebot FDM 3D printers

Here you see detail views where MISUMI parts are used in Sharebot's FDM 3D printers.

Sharebot XXL Plus: z axis guide

Sharebot XXL Plus: x axis

Sharebot 42: z axis

Sharebot 42: x axis

Sharebot 42: xy axis

Sharebot high resolution stereolithography DLP 3D printer

Sharebot were able to achieve high precision for dental and jewelry markets with MISUMI parts in their high resolution stereolithography DLP 3D printers. In the model Voyager 2 the z axis is moved with MISUMI components.

Voyager 2

Voyager 2: z axis

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